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Q: Where is palampur village located?
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What are the Different economic activities in the village palampur?

farming is the main activity in village palampur

What are the economic activities of village palampur?

Farming and fishing

What are economic activities of village palampur?

Farming and fishing

Classify the households at palampur village on the basis of their occupation?

75% of the people living in Palampur are either Farmers or Farm Labourers.

The story of village palampur on eudcom?

it is a village in delhi-shimla. it is a fine place for a tour.this village does all small scale activities are being done. apart from these there is good transportation and diary farming.medical facilities is better compared other villages. b'cos of these better facilities even this palampur village is called the ideal village.!

What are the civic amenities available in village palampur?

Palampur is well connected with the adjacent villages and towns. All the houses in Palampur have electricity. Electricity is also available for operating tube wells for irrigating the fields. Palampur also has access to education. It has two primary schools and a high school. It is also equipped with a government health centre and a dispensary for treating the sick.

What is the duration of Palampur Express?

The duration of Palampur Express is 1440.0 seconds.

What is the population of Palampur?

The population of Palampur is 4,006.

When was Palampur Express created?

Palampur Express was created on 2009-05-25.

When did Palampur Express end?

Palampur Express ended on 2009-10-28.

How much cultivated land is irrigated in palampur?

all the cultivated, 200 hectares of land is irrigated in palampur

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