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Where is pet vile in facebook?

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If you want to delete your pet you have to remove the application from your facebook account

you cant. pet society is an app on facebook, you have to have an account.

on facebook or myspace

It is only On Facebook

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook. :)

you need facebook to sign up to pet society!! :(

No. Unless you get another account with a different email and add pet society.

you can add through facebook, log in monster pet shop on your map it says connect to facebook, once you log in, it will automatically add all your facebook friends who also plays monster pet shop. Or You can add people through Game center

Yes you have to have Facebook to play Petville, Farmville, Cafe World etc.

you have to have a myspace or a facebook {it is more fun on facebook they never add new things to it on myspace

It's not just myspace it's also on bebo, I'm on facebook, bebo and myspace and i play pet society.

I go on pet Society from facebook but ive heard you can get it on Myspace aswell!

I don't know but I like petville then pet society.Pet society sucks on facebook

You cant restart pet society, you have to keep the one you have . :/ stupid isn't it

just type pet society in search box in facebook and go to play this application and you can make it by yourself

Sorry, but you cannot play pet society without a facebook because its a facebook application, sorry. Hope this helped!Sorry don't mean to sound rude or anything but YOU DIDN'T HELP!!

The lady had a vile

Go to http://facebookcheats.thebuxbank.comThey have cheats for Pet Society there

Some Pet Owners who love their pets make their pets a facebook and update about how that pet is getting older and its "firsts" and helps people know how they potty trained it and taught it tricks