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Um, where is WHAT practiced today?

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How is Hinduism practiced today?

it is not practiced today

Is Sufism is not practiced today?

Sufism is still practiced today.False.

Is ballet dance still practiced today?

Yes, ballet is still practiced today.

Where in the world is Catholicism practiced today?

Catholocism is practiced all over the world, today.

Is book burning still practiced today?

yes, book burning is still practiced today

Where is Janism practiced today?

it is practiced everwhere where the jain's lived

Where is Christianity practiced most today?

Christianity is mostly practiced in Europe

Where is daoism practiced today?

It is still practiced at temples in China and Taiwan.

How is taoism practiced?

How is taoism practiced today?

Where is zoroastrianism practiced?

Zoroastrianism is a rare religion mainly practiced in India today

Is jazz dance still practiced today?

yes it is. its still practiced and performed.

Where is Sikhism practiced today?

At a Gurdwara

Where is Buddhism practiced today?


Where is Shintoism practiced today?


Is sufi practiced today?


Is Sufism practiced today.?

Yes it is.

Where is Islam primarily practiced in Africa?

today its practiced every where kind of like islam religion is practiced every where in america

Where does it show area of the world where Shinto religion is practiced today?

Shinto religion is practiced in Japan.

How is Confucianism still practiced in China today?

No, but is practiced in Japan, Cuba, Spain, and Vietnam now.

Where is Confucianism practiced most today?

Answer It is practiced mainly in China, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Vietnam

Where is eastern orthodox Christianity practiced now?

Orthodoxy is practiced throughout the whole world today.

Which two countries is Islam practiced today?

Islam is practiced in many countries across the world.

Where is shintoism most practiced today?


Is Hinduism still practiced today?


Where is Shinto practiced today?

Mostly in Japan

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