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Where is regiice on Pokemon Platinum?

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You can't get him in platinum. You have to transfer him from a Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald.

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How do you get a level 1 on Pokemon platinum?

regeggias in snowpoint temple with regirock regiice and registeel on platinum only

Pokemon platinum how to find shiny regiice?

You cant find a shiny regice unless you have action replay

Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

you get him at snowpoint temple in snowpoint city but first you need regiice regirock registeel.

How do you find redgeice in Pokemon Diamond?

regiice cant be caught in Pokemon diamond, it can in platinum version, how ever you can transfer a regiice from ruby, sapphire or emerald if you have 1, or there is the method of cheating in which i am against. cheats lead to glitches and unsolvable problems. u can only get the regi known as REGIGIGAS.

Where to find regiice in Pokemon ruby?

you can find regiice near the dewford town,surf northwest.

How where do you catch the 3 regis in Pokemon PLATINUM?

I don't know where regiice is but you find regirock once you've defeated Cynthia twice and registeel in iron island when you get the national pokedex.

Pokemon platnium how to get the regiice?

you must trade him from either Pokemon ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

What legends can you get in Pokemon shapphire?

You can get Kyogre,Regirock,Registeel,and Regiice.

How do you get regigas with regiice steel and earth?

you have to migrate from Pokemon emarld

Where to get regiice in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to trade from R/S/E.

Where do you find RegiiceRegirock and Registeel in Pokemon platinum?

You can get Regiice in Mt.Coronet. I think Regirock Is In the desert between the resort area and survival area. And Registeel Is at Iron Island. Oh and also you can get it from Pokemon Emerald Version. Hope This Helps

How can you catch regiice in Pokemon emerald?

on route 105 in the ancient ruins

How do you get redgeice on Pokemon pearl?

You have to have regiice, registeel and regirock to be able to fight him

What legendaries can you get in pokemon saphire?

Regirock Registeel Regiice Rayquazza Kyogre

What are the secret Pokémon in Pokémon emerald?

Regirock, Regiice and Registeel. if you capture all three and transfer then to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum you can go to the shrine in Snowpoint City to battle the master Regigiggas :)

Where can you find a regiice in platinum?

i think it is by the entrance at Route 217 to Mt.cornet. The cave with the two rocks is where you catch it.

What do you do to find Regiice on Pokemon Ruby?

Regice is on Island Cave on Route 105.

Ar code in Pokemon platinum for regice regirock and registeel?

there is'NT 1 but if u get regigigas from Sapphire or somthing and trade it to pearl, diamond or platinum and train it to lvl 100 then u get all the regies. regirock is at mt. corenet Registeel is at iron island and i don't no were regiice is.

How do you go to snowpoint in Pokemon platinum?

1. beat the elite four 2. get national dex just to letyouknow, the only ting that's in there is regigigas andyou cannot get himunless you have a regirock,regiice and a registeel in your party

What is better Pokemon Pearl or platinum?

Pokemon Platinum has more Pokemon so in my opinion Pokemon Platinum is better.

Where to get Milotic in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you take rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no rental Pokemon in in Pokemon platinum

Are regiice registeel and regirock on Pokemon emerald?

yes,they are in all three gba games.

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