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Rockhopper is nowhere to be found right now because the tracker is broken.So, wish you luck in findind him!

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Where is rockhopper on club penguin right now?

on his ship

What server is rockhopper on right now on club penguin?

he is not on

Is Rockhopper online on club penguin right now?

No he isnt

Where is rockhopper now on Club Penguin?

He is at Rockhopper island so no.

Where is rockhopper in club penguin right now?

He is in the Pizza Room playing Pizza Parlor I looked it up on club

Where is rockhopper right now in club penguin?

Rockhopper is gone now until next year but DJ Cadence and Aunt Artic are here plus I got both of their autographs.

Where is rockhopper right now on Club Penguin?

Why would you ask that question HERE??? I mean seriously! Type in "Rockhopper Tracker" on a search engine. THAT'S how you find him -- NOT HERE!

Can you do magic in Club Penguin?

Kind of..... If you buy the magic wand that Rockhopper has for sale right now, you can wave and sparks come out..

What room is rockhopper on right now?


Where is rockhopper on club penguin 17th October 2008?

Rockhopper is now here from 10/20/08 to maybe in a week or so. Make sure you get to see Rockhopper! GOODLUCK! CHARLOTTE

Is rockhopper a computer?

No, Rockhopper is a pirate who comes to Club Penguin every once in a while. When he comes, you can go in his ship. He is the one who discovered red puffles and brought them to Club Penguin. He will be at Club Penguin on September 3rd 2010 to bring decorations for the Fall Fair. Right now, if you go to the Beacon and look through the telescope, you can see his ship.

What server is rockhopper in right now?

It may vary depending on when you check this.

Where is rockhopper now 2010?

Rockhopper is currently on the server North Pole and he is in the Migrator. Right now it is 9.00am in the on the 4th September 2010. If you are unable to find him there, google Rockhopper tracker 2010 for his current location. Hope I helped!

Where is rockhopper right now January 2 2011?

people find a tracker

Club penguin rockhopper March 2?

Yep! He's here now! (3/2/09) is when he docks.

Where is rockhopper right now on cp?

well no one really knows! hes not always on!

Where is Yarr on Club Penguin now?

Yarr is always with Rockhopper. When Rockhopper comes, you will see Yarr on the boat. As of March 5, Yarr went missing. I don't think you can find him yet, but I think we will be able to soon. Please just wait for further announcements on Club Penguin. P.S. Yarr is the red Puffle that is always with Rockhopper.

What server is rockhopper on now?

rockhopper is a very famous penguin he is now on server breeze and place beach

When is the newest mission on Club Penguin coming out?

right now right right now like now

Where is rockhopper on Club Penguin right now 122008?

Rockhopper's key is in the coffee shop top floor. Click on the bookcase. Click on Rockhopper's diary and flick through to the last page and click on the key. Now go to coins for change and open the door.

What is rockhopper?

captain rockhopper is a penguin and you should know that bye now you silly person

When will RockHopper leave Club Penguin?

It depends when you're talking about, Rockhopper comes every now and then so there isn't really an exact answer for that. And besides, its more fun when he just mysteriously disappears, nowhere to be seen (for a few months anyway).

Where is rockhopper now?

iceberg ok

What sever is rockhopper on now?


Now how do you get the armbands on Club Penguin?

Go to the coffee shop. Then go upstairs, pick the book about rockhopper and the ghost and go to the last page and click on it.

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