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after you win when racing with Nate,you`ll go to this rock with really fat seals.

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Q: Where is seal rock in Poptropica big Nate?
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In poptropica in big nate how do you get the paper between the rock?

You go up on the rock and push the seal that is on the right to the left. Now you can get the paper.

How do you get the paper out from under the rock on Big Nate island in poptropica?

You have to move the seal that is on the right all the way to the left and just click on it

How do you get the seals off the rock at big nate on poptropica?

push them...i think

How do you get that piece of paper from poptropica big Nate out from under that big rock but the seal only goes to the end and does not go into the water?

You don't.You push the seal all the way to the left end where the other seal is.Then you jump off and get the map to the capsule

How do you get to big nate on Poptropica?

go in your poptropica balloon and click on big nate :)

How do you get the blueprints on Poptropica?

On 24 Carrot Island, the vent diagram is in a window near the roof. On Big Nate Island, the school blueprint is in Nate's locker. The secret map to the Time Capsule is under a rock on Seal-Saw Island.

Is it possible to be Big Nate on Poptropica?

No. No one can be Big Nate.

What is the walkthorugh for big nate on Poptropica?

Go on Youtube, type in "Poptropica Big Nate Island Walkthrough", and you will find tons of results.

Poptropica what is big nate about?

big nate is about the casple and you have to find it along with those people who will help

Where is say cheese in poptropica big nate?

say cheese is right by Saltty's in big nate

Where is the lighthouse in Poptropica?

On 'Big Nate Island' go past the photo shop and the playground and if you see a rock with 'Puffin Point' then you are there

How do you get the bowtie in Poptropica?

sighned big naTE