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Where is shoal cave in Pokemon platinum?

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You must have the move anywhere code for platinum. Go to snowpoint city and then go to snowpoint temple and walk around the lady. Go to 5f where the regigas statue is and there should be a boulder next to the wall. Then there will be the cave entrance.

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Where do you get TM sludge bomb in Pokemon ruby?

somewhere in shoal cave somewhere in shoal cave

How do you get to shoal cave in Pokemon sapphire?

Go pass Mossdeep city surf to a cave where two girls are and there you are at Shoal cave hope this helped :]

Is kyogre in the shoal cave?

Kyorge does not appear in Shoal Cave. In Pokemon Sapphire Kyogre appears in the Cave of Origins as part of the story. In Pokemon Emerald Kyogre appears in the Marine Cave after defeating the Elite Four.

Where do you get Speal in Pokemon Emerald?

you can catch them in shoal cave.

What do you do with the shoal shell in Pokemon emerald?

combine it with shoal salt and create a shoal bell by talking to the dude in the start of the cave.

What is the use of shoal salt in Pokemon emerald?

the old man in shoal cave will make you useful items with the shoal salt

In Pokemon Emerald what part in the Shoal Cave would you find a shoal shell?

depending on the time the tide will be higher meaning the cave is flooded during that time you can get shoal shells

How do you get water flowing in shoal cave in Pokemon ruby?

Every 3 days the water flow changes in shoal cave check the cave each day to see.

Shoal cave in Pokemon emerald?

Shoal cave is above Mossdeep city.. It can be dry or flooded depending on the time and tides... there is an old man inside the cave who will ask you to get 4 shoal salts and 4 shoal shells.. during high tide(when cave is flooded) you can get the shells. during low tide (when cave is dry) you can get the salt.. bring these to the old man to get your shoal bell

How do you get to the ice bit in the shoal cave in Pokemon ruby?

When you enter shoal cave if you notice sometimes the water has flooded the cave and sometimes its dry, when its dry look around for a ladder that will take you to an ice portion of the cave.

How do you catch spheal in Pokemon sapphire?

Spheal can be found in shoal cave.

Where to get hail in Pokemon Ruby?

Shoal Cave above Mossdeep City

How do you get a shone shell and shone salt on Pokemon emerald?

Shoal shell and shoal salt are obtained in shoal cave north of mossdeep city sometimes in the cave water floods it this is the time where you can get the shoal shells when there is no water this is the time to get shoal salt bring them to the old man to get a shell bell.

What ice Pokemon is in shoal cave?

snorunt and i forgot the other Pokemon it looks like a ball

How do you get shoal shells at the soal cave in Pokemon emerald?

when the tide is high you use surf into a cave and surf around if you see a rock with something blue click it and you get a shoal shell.

Where is shoal cave in Pokemon sapphire?

North of Mossdeep City! Cha Cha!

How do you catch snorunt in Pokemon ruby?

On B3F of Shoal Cave(Low Tide)

Where do you get Snorunt in Pokemon Sapphire?

There's a few in the Shoal Cave Ice Room.

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