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Where is southern island in emerald?

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Its a place that you need the eon ticket to go to and in order to get that you have to go to a special Pokemon rock thing or whatever

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Where is southern islands on emerald?

The souther island in emerald is in the southern part of the islands above it.

Where is southern island in Pokemon Emerald?

in my pocket

What are the secret islands in emerald?

Faraway island, Birth island and Southern island.

What is the Pokemon emerald code to warp to southern island?


How do we get to southern island with out ticket Pokemon emerald?

ya dont

In Pokemon Ruby where is southern cave?

You probably mean southern island not southern cave because southern cave does not exist, southern island is an island you can only venture to on emerald and not ruby because of the eon ticket.

What is the action replay code to warp to the southern island in Pokemon diamond?

you can only warp to the southern island in Emerald version if that's what you meant. You'd need a Gameshark for Emerald version.

How you catch latios in sapphire?

Southern island. Get one from emerald or ruby.

How do you get to south island in emerald?

ok hi to get southern island you have to mix records with Pokemon ruby with eon ticket and then to emerald or a special gba event

How do you get the other Lats in Pokemon Emerald?

get the eon ticket and go to southern island

How to go to southern island in emerald?

It is an old event thats WAY gone

Islands in Pokemon Emerald?

There are a few islands you can go to: Navel rock, Birth island, Southern island, Faraway island, Mirage island.

How do you get to faraway island on Pokemon dimond?

You don't. You can only get to Faraway Island in Southern Hoenn, during Pokemon Emerald.

What is an Action Replay code to warp to the Southern Island in Pokemon Emerald?

F0EC26B8 31EC5657

IN emerald Im on southern island you cant get latias to come?

press A on statue of egg

How do you get to southern island in Pokemon emerald without the eon ticket?

You can't...without cheating.

What is in the southern island Pokemon emerald?

The Southern Island is the place you find the other Lati. You can go ther after you mix records with a R/S version that has the Eon Ticket.

Where can you download the Eon Ticket to go to Southern Island in Pokemon Emerald?

pokemon rock site

How do you get to Southern Island without using a cheat in Pokemon?

To get southern ilsand in emerald you must trade data with sapphire or ruby with an eon ticket.

Where do you get latios on Pokemon emerald?

Wild in Hoenn after beating the Elite Four (if you pick blue), or Southern Island

What are the gameshark codes for the tickets to birth island faraway island navel rock and southern island in Pokemon emerald?

faraway island: 82SDIU67 RR123ACF Y7VNDJ7U Sorry that is the only 1 i know :

Where are the secret islands in emerald?

The "secret" islands, Southern Island, Faraway Island, Navel Rock, and Birth Island, are only accessible by obtaining a ticket from a Nintendo Event that goes to the certain island.

Where is Bellington island in Pokemon emerald?

there is no bellington island in Pokemon emerald

Is emerald isle an island?

the Emerald Isle is a nickname for the island of Ireland

First island of Pokemon Emerald?

the first island in emerald is battle frontier