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Q: Where is tecala South America?
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In what state of Mexico is tecala?

Tecala is a fictional place in South America in the movie Proof of Life. There is, however, a Tecuala in Mexico.

Where is tecala?

Tecala is the name of a fictional town located in South America. It was the city from the film Proof of Life that starred Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe.

Where is Tecala city?

In Mexico.

Is afracia called South America?

No. Africa is Africa. South America is South America. South America is South of America. Africa is east of South America

Is tecala in Ecuador?

Tecala is real country where the one major event in its history was when general maximus decimus meridius travelled to the future riding a velociraptor in order to rescue a banana held hostage by the sheriff of Nottingham.

What is south of North America?

South of North America is South America.

Is most of South America north or south of the equator?

Most of South America is south of the equator.South of the equator

Brazil is South America as is to North America?

south America because it is in south America

What is the continent south to south America?

South America

Is California in the north or south America?

California is in North America

Is most of south America south or north to the equator?

South America is south of the equator.

Why was south America named south America?

it is named south America because it looks like America but just south probly.

Is Martinique in North America or South America?

It is in South America.

Is the central America on the north America or the south America?


What is to the south of North America?

Central America then South America.

What continent lies south of North America?

South America is south of North America.

South America What is the relative location?

South America is located south of North America.

What continent is south of Central America?

South America is the continent which is south of Central America.

Is South America Africa?

no africa is its on continent. south america is the continent south of america.

What is further south Australia or South America?

South America.

What is South America?

South America is a continent.

Which ocean is south of south America?

The Southern ocean is South of South America

Is Central America part of the North America or South America?

From the Isthmus of Panama north is North America and south of that is South America.

Is Central America the same as South America?

No. South America is a continent. Central America is a region between North and South America.

To which state does South America belong to?

South America is a continent. There are several Countries in South America.