Where is the 24 carrot diner in shark tooth island?


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24 carrot diner isn't in shark tooth it is in 24 carrot

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On 24 Carrot Island, the milk is at the diner, and you can take some back to the farmhouse in the cat's bowl. On Shark Tooth Island, the coconut milk is given out free by the vendor near the start of the island.

Shark Tooth Island was the second Poptropica Island. In order of release, the islands are : * Early Poptropica Island * Shark Tooth Island * Time Tangled Island * 24 Carrot Island * Super Power Island * Spy Island * Nabooti Island * Big Nate Island * Astro Knights Island

First, the easiest island is early poptropica, then 24 carrot (although people think it is shark tooth...) Finally, Shark tooth

You get the milk at where you first get dropped off.There is a guy with a stand.Talk to him and he'll give you the milk or in 24 carrot get the bowl from the house and go go to the carrot king diner and ask the lady ''Wiil you please fill this bowl with milk.

Shark tooth island is when you have to to save people from a giant shark

After the first four (Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, and 24 Carrot), the 5th island was Super Power Island.

24 Carrot Island was the 4th island on Poptropica, and officially opened after the first three islands (Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, and Time Tangled) in late 2007.

There are no mermaids in Shark Tooth island, you do go into the ocean

Take the Poptropica blimp to reach all of the islands. The one with the shark on it is Shark Tooth island.

Shark Tooth Island was the second island on Poptropica and premiered in September, 2007.

Mask? What mask? There is no mask that you have to find in Shark Tooth Island, Poptropica.

how do you get past hte heiroglyphics in shark tooth island on poptropica

In Poptropica, after you finish Shark Tooth Island, you can go to Time Tangled Island and go through such a fiasco!

There are some like...... Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Reality TV, 24 carrot island, S.O.S. Island, super power island and for some people Spy island.

It is on the extreme right on Shark Tooth island. Here you will find the great shark Booga that is causing all the problems.

you get a bomb to kill the shark

Professor Pete is in the Tourism Centerof Shark Tooth Island in Poptropica.

The ruins are just to the right of the first village (Main Street) on Shark Tooth Island.

The design of SharkTooth island began in 2006 and the first two islands (Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth Island) were opened in early 2007. Two other islands, Time Tangled Island and 24 Carrot island, were released early in 2008 after appearing in design form (i.e. Time Twisted Island) in late 2007.

The wall carving on Shark Tooth Island is located deep in the temple. The temple is found in the ancient ruins on the Island.

The caterpillar is now a millipede on the underground statue on Shark Tooth Island. The effect is the same.

The 6th island was Spy Island.Order in which Poptropica islands were released :Early PoptropicaShark Tooth IslandTime Tangled Island24 Carrot IslandSuper Power IslandSpy Island

on the island with preffesor hammerhead

It is available when you first come onto the island, at the pier.

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