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It is on the receiver dryer or shiny looking can at the right rear of the engine compartment. You need gauges to correctly add refrigerant.

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Q: Where is the AC low side service port located on a 97 Ford Explorer?
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Where is the recharge port on 93 Ford?

where is the ac recharge port on a 93 ford explorer located?

Where is universal port located in 1999 Ford Explorer?

I'm sorry , what do you mean by a " universal port "

Where is the Ford Tempo Air Conditioner service port?

The Ford Tempo Air Conditioner service port is located in front of the hood latch. The low pressure service port is closest to the firewall.

Where is the low side service port located on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

The low side service port for your air conditioning system is located on the top of your A/C accumulator (can). It is located on the passenger side of the engine not too far from your heater fan motor. It has a plastic cap covering the valve. If the vehicle is a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT (5-door) with 4.0L V6 engine, the A/C accumulator (can) is located near the radiator just in front of the air cleaner housing. The low-side port is covered by a black plastic dust cap. Unscrew the cap to remove it.

Where is the low side service port on a 1994 explorer?

the low side ac port should be on the passenger side of the engine. It is located on top of the drier.

Which port is the low pressure port on a 96 ford explorer 5.0?

On the ac system, the low pressure port is the smaller port. It will be located on the line coming from the dryer. The low pressure line is the larger line. it will be on it.

How do you change rear end oil in 2004 Ford Explorer?

where is the fill port on a 2004 ford explorer rear end

Where is the low pressure ac charge inlet on a 2002 ford explorer?

The low side ac port for a 2002 ford explorer is on the top of the drier assembly. It is located beside of the window washer fill bottle.

Where is the low end service port on a 2003 Ford Focus zx2?

The Ford Focus ZX2 was produced from the years 1998 to 2003. The low end service port in a 2003 Ford Focus ZX2 is located behind the front of the right front tire.

Where is the low side ac port on a 91 Ford Tempo?

low side service port should be located against the firewall off of the accumulator

Where is the low side service port for a 1993 Ford Ranger?

The low pressure port on a 1993 Ford Ranger is located close to the firewall. It can be seen just under the air filter housing.

Where is the obd port on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a UK Spec car it is located just below the steering wheel behind a plastic blind.

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