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Where is the Chicago Bears stadium?


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Soldier Field is located in Chicago, Illinois.


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The Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field.

Solider Field is the smallest stadium home of the Chicago Bears.

soldier field is the football team that the Chicago bears call home

Soldier Field is the home of the Chicago Bears. It is important to the city of Chicago.

The University of Illinois Stadium (Memorial Stadium)

The Bear's stadium, Soldier Field, is located next to Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois.

Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.

Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears

1410 S Museum Campus Dr # 2 Chicago, IL 60605 (312) 235-7000

The bears where the Chicago Staley's

the history of the Chicago bears is that they where not always called the bears they were origanily called the Chicago staleys. the in the 1920 the nfl had begun and seventeen teams were chosen. the coach for the staley bears was Horge halas and he was going on and off. in the late 1920 Gorge halas came up with name the Chicago bears because they were playing at the cubs stadium and Gorge halas thought that football players were bigger than baseball players.

because the word bears is in the word Chicago BEARS.

Chicago Bears rookie Matt Forte with a 50 yard run.

Against Chicago bears at tiger stadium in 1971 he played wide receiver

Soldier Field - Chicago Bears; has been hosting games since 1924 I believe.

Chicago chose the name bears because when the moved to chicago they were chicago staleys,and they changed there name to bears as a follow up to chicago's baseball team the chicago cubs.

The Chicago Bears have billions. Da they are Da Bears.

The Chicago Bears team is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Decatur Staleys, then Chicago Staleys, and then Chicago Bears!

The Chicago Bears have played in Dallas 12 times -- once at the Cotton Bowl, nine times at Texas Stadium, and twice at Cowboys Stadium. Dallas has a 7-and-5 record in those games.

Chicago stadium is the loudest stadium in hockey.

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