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Recently I had the DPFE Sensor (as opposed to "switch") replaced in my 2002 Ford Explorer Limited. This sensor "as per FSA 02M01" was replaced because my "service engine soon" showed up in the message board display. Following this new sensor installation, my transmission is now defunct and sits in a Ford dealership waiting for replacement of "cellinoids" (solenoids?). This is what I have been told, I hope this is helpful to you. I'm not familar with this exact model, but the EGR DPFE sensor is usually easy to locate by finding a "tee" in the tube running from the EGR valve to the intake manifold and following it. They usually change to hose after a few inches in order to get the flexible hose away from the hot EGR tubing. Follow the hose to the sensor, usually on the firewall. BTW, the Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic sensor tells the computer how much exhaust gas is flowing back into the intake.

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Q: Where is the DPFE switch on a 2002 Ford Explorer?
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