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in the purple portal furthur in the area, that is where the digi-egg of mirical lie

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How do you get the digi egg of sincerity?

In digimon world dawn?

How do you get aptitude up in Digimon world dawn?

In order to get a Digimon's aptitude up in "Digimon World Dawn," you would have to degenerate your Digimon to a Digi-Egg.

How do you breed Digimon in Digimon World Dawn and dusk?

you put digimon in the digi farmsand go to rank area and go to kudamon and digi mactch you put digimon in the digi farmsand go to rank area and go to kudamon and digi mactch

What are the Armor Digimon in Digimon World Dawn?

coolllllll! digimon that digivoled by armor digi eggs go to:

In Digimon World Dawn how do you catch a Digimon?

you can't catch them you have to see them like 10 or more times or until you have 100% digi scan then go to your digi lab and go to digicovent and get your digimon

How can you catch Digimon in Digimon Dawn?

Find them ten times and then go to the digi-lab PC and choose digi-convert

Where are the digi-eggs in Digimon World Dawn?

you can find them in chests or as a reward in quests

In Digimon World Dawn how to armor digivolve hawkmon?

You need to get the digi egg of love DE

How do you get Diaboromon Digimon World Dawn and digi mon world dusk?

that's a good question??? that's a good question???

How can you get a dot shinegreymon DS in Digimon World Dawn?

get mamemon and shinegreymon ...make special digivolve at digi center

How to mate Digimon in Digimon World Dawn?

you don't mate them duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you go to the digi collesium and talk to kudamon. then click on Nintendo wi-fi digimon mathching random you need a wifi connection

How do you armor digivolve in Digimon World Dawn?

First of all you will need the right digi egg. then you will need to train your digimon to the right level/stats. After that you will need to go to your home/farm and go to the digi lab, select special digivolution and then select the digimon you want to armor digivolve and see if you can digivolve it.

How do you get victory greymon in Digimon World Dawn?

DsGreymon top evolution of agumon Go to digi coliseum and talk to valkyrimon and type In 70307991

How do you match Digimon in Digimon world ds?

What are you talking about matching digimon? If your new at digimon you go to the digimon lab then you go right and you will see two digimon at the counter. You talk to a digimon that tells you about matching and you can talk to the digimon you want to match then you say yes and you will have a 2 player with another digimon world ds or wifi you get your digimon and the other person will have a digimon then they match with each other then a digi egg is born! Your digi egg gallery is now got a digi egg!

How do you get a digi egg in Digimon World Dawn?

Go to the location where Light Fang was near the start. talk to Kudamon and use the wireless connection to match Digimon. If you select a farming island, and breed two Digimon, you will receive a Digiegg.

Where do you get the digi egg of courage?

in digimon dusk or dawn in dusk go to thriller ruins and get at least 200 percent on each digimon then talk to the item shopper

How do you get Digimon to join your team in Digimon World ds?

you have tobattle and scan them if scan is 100% or higher you can create your digimon but you can only do this on the digi farm

How do you get Diaboromon Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World dusk?

you cant you probly have to trade or get a digi egg this guy is a freaking idiot. diaboromon digivolves from infermon. for dusk, just choose the pack with kurisarimon in it. infermon digivolves from him. takes a while, though.

How do you armor digivolve in Digimon dawn?

You have to find a digi - egg in a chest. You then have to go to your home and go to the digi - lab and click on special digivolve. You then click on the digimon you want to armor digivolve. There are some conditions for armor digivolving though. Some digimon have to be a certain level or have a special number ofEXP points.

How do you make magnamon?

If you're playing Digimon World Dawn, then you raise your Veemon's level to 40 and armor digivolve with the digi egg of miracles. If you mean real life.. good luck.

How do you armor divolve digieggs in Digimon World Dawn?

you will find digi eggs in quests and in special events, go to your PC go down where it says special digivolve click the digimon you want to armor then choose the egg you want and there you go partner.

How are Digimon born?

They come from a digi-egg

Where can you find a Digimon Egg on Digimon World Dusk DS?

That depends on what type of egg you are talking about. If you are talking about Digi Eggs that let you Armor Digivolve, you get those as rewards for missions and sometimes as gifts, but if your talking about an actual egg that hatches, you have to get another DS with Digimon Dusk/Dawn and have them make the egg.

How do you get Magnamon on Digimon World Dusk?

veemon+lv40+10000holy exp+digi eg of miracle

Can you reuse Digi eggs in Digimon World Dusk?

Yes you can. It can be used as many times as you want.