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Where is the Drl module on the 2001 Ford Escape?


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The DRL Module is located at the LH Rocker Panel left of the brake, under and just below the dash. The DRL Module and the DRL Relay are side-by-side.

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drl module location on a ford ranger 1995

A ( Daytime Running Light ) module

A DRL module controls the daylight running lights found on many newer and Canadian cars.

Box located to left of rad which has DRL fuse.

The drl module on chevy epica 2004 is back to the data link connector

behind left headlight in front of battery. Has 5 wires to it.

The DRL control module is located under the steering column on the left hand side!

The DRL Module is located behind the front bumper on the drivers side of the Exploreer. It is bolted to the frame by 2 bolts and has a 6 wire harness going into it. If you use a flashlight from under the car you will see it.

The DRL module is located at the left side of the Windshield Washer Reservoir(when facing it).

You probably need a new DRL module and/or DRL relay.In some instances the module is fixible.

DRL modules are like fuses...they are inexpensive, & usually replaced, not repaired.

I believe that is a defective daytime running lamp (DRL) module

The drl relay is located in the back of the glove compartment.

DRL Module is located under the fuse box on the right side fender on a 97 Grand Cherokee

A daytime running light module (DRL) is a unit that controls a 2-4 headlight system on most standard vehicles. On the 1999 Ford Ranger, the module can be found in front of the left wheel well on the front side of the rad support.

It's up behind the drivers side front bumper mounted to the frame. You have to get at it from the ground. It's right behind a rubber splash shield. You can also find it by tracingthe fog/headlamp wire to it.

Low gear on the auto trans.

Right next to the cooling reservoir

no one's a mystery!

Under drivers side of dashboard

You can buy a DRL module for a Honda Civic 2002 LX at most auto part stores. Salvage yards also carry the item.

The daytime running light (DRL) module on a 2000 Subaru Impreza is located in the engine compartment. It is on the right side as you are facing the windshield near the main fuse box.

it is located on the front right side (passenger side) near the coolant reservoir its a box colored gray

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