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Standing at the front of the car , it's located on your right driver side fender. Look for a round canister with two hose connections. also known as the charcol canister.

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Q: Where is the EEC control unit in a 1997 Oldsmobile 88?
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What does eec stand for in the external fuse panal of a 1990 Lincoln town?

It stands for Electronic Engine Control (EEC)

What is a temperature sending unit?

There is a temperature sending unit installed somewhere on your engine for your temperature guage in your gauge panel , another temperature sending unit for your EEC - IV or EEC V electronic engine control system , newer Ford engines that have FAIL - SAFE cooling have a cylinder head temperature ( CHT ) sensor / sending unit if you have an outside temperature display there is a sensor / sending unit for that , some automatic transmissions have a temperature sending unit / sensor that will give a warning if the automatic transmission is running too hot etc

Where is the ignition control module on a 97 explorer sohc?

Only the EEC-IV ignition systems ( 1991 to 1995) use an external ICM (ignition control module) . From 1996 on with the EEC-V system the ignition control module is incorperated into the power control module (PCM) mounted in your firewall on the passenger side.

What is your eec computer in a 1990 Mercury Sable?

The EEC module is the Evaporative Emission Control (also sometimes called the Electronic Engine Control). It does a number of things, but its main purpose is to adjust the air/fuel mixture to maximize fuel efficiency.

How can you tell if an EEC unit was replace with an incorrect one?

follow this link

Is Bulgaria in the EEC?

Its not in EEC. Its in EU

Where is the icm located on a 1997 explorer xlt sohc chilton says it is in the left front by radiator mount but unable to find anything close to it any suggestions?

1991 through 1995 Explorers with the EEC- IV system have an external ignition control module in front of the battery mounted on the radiator support. 1996 and newer, the ignition control module is incorperated into the powertrain control module (PCM) for the EEC- V system.. The PCM is mounted in the firewall on the passenger side.

What does the EEC power relay do?

EEC is the electronic engine control, the EEC relay sends power to the electronic engine control. The EEC relay should have a total of 4 wires going to it. Of the two smaller wires only one will have power, and only when you turn the ignition ON. Then if the relay is working properly you will have a completed circuit, creating a magnetic field with in the relay. This magnetic field will make a connection between two more wires that will be larger. Only one of the two larger wires will have power, when the connection is made with the ignition turned on. This will make a connection sending power to the fourth wire and the fourth wire will send the power to the electronic engine control (EEC). Then the electronic engine control will send power to everything the engine needs to run. LLL

Full form of EEC?

eec full ofrm

When was EEC Group created?

EEC Group was created in 1977.

Where is the ignition control module on a 1994 ford explorer?

From 1991 to 1995 with the EEC-IV system there is an external ignition control module mounted on the radiator support in front of the battery. Remove the battery in order to change the module. 1996 and newer with the EEC-V system, the ignition control module is incorperated into the powertrain control module (PCM) that is visible from the engine compartment, in the firewall, on the passenger side.

What is a EEC-V system for a Ford Explorer?

That's the Electronic Engine Control - series five for emission control It started with the 1996 model year of Ford Explorer

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