Where is the Greenland sea located?

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Narrow body of water east of Greenland?

The narrow body of water east of Greenland is known as the Greenland Sea. There are several fjords located in Greenland as well.

Where is the barents sea?

The Barents Sea is located east of the Greenland Sea, north of Russia, and south of the Arctic Ocean.

What two sea lies is located between Greenland and Canada?


What is name of the sea which lies between the islands of Greenland and Spitsbergen?

Greenland Sea

Sea at the southern tip of Greenland?

The labrador sea is at the southern tip of Greenland -Kaden

What is the name of the sea that lies between the islands of Greenland and Spitsbergan?

That would be the Greenland Sea.

Where is Greenland located?

Greenland is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Your Very Welcome!!!!!!!

Greenland is located in what ocean?

Greenland is located in the North Atlantic ocean.

What sea lies between Canada and Greenland?

The Labrador Sea lies between Canada and Greenland.

What country is Greenland located?

Greenland is a country!

What sea is East of Greenland?

Norwegian Sea

What sea is southwest of Greenland?

The Labrador Sea

What cape is located on the southern tip of Greenland?

The Cape of Farewell is located on the southern tip of Greenland.

On which continent is Greenland located?

Greenland is considered a part of Denmark.

What what is the sea between Newfoundland and Greenland beginning?

Labrador is between Greenland and Newfoundland.

What is Greenland capital city?

The capital of Greenland is the city of Nuuk. This city is also the largest of the country. It's located in the southwestern coast of Greenland, near the Labrador Sea. Despite being a small city, Nuuk is an important industrial and services center.

Where is the North Pole?

The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth, located at 90 degrees North latitude. Usually covered with sea ice, it is located in the Arctic Ocean, approximately 725 km north of Greenland.

Where is Greenland located at?

Greenland is located on the top of north America and it's to the east and o the west of Europe and china.

What is the sea called that joins the arctic and Atlantic oceans?

That sea is called the Greenland Sea.

What country borders the McKinley Sea and the Lincoln Sea?

McKinley Sea or The Wandel Sea is a body of water in the Arctic Ocean It goes from northeast of Greenland to Svalbard. Lincoln Sea is in the Arctic Ocean. It goes from Cape Columbia, Canada, in the west to Cape Morris Jesup, Greenland, in the east. So, Greenland and Canada.

Why is Iceland located in Greenland?

Iceland is not in greenland. It is about 192 miles(309 KM) from it.

Is Located near Norway and Greenland?

arctic ocean is near Norway and Greenland

What continent is Greenland located on?

Greenland belongs to Denmark which is part of the European continent.

Is Greenland in the eastern hemisphere?

No, Greenland is not in the Eastern Hemisphere. Greenland is located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres. The estimated population of Greenland in 2013 is 56,968 people.

Where is the Greenland Public Library in Greenland located?

The address of the Greenland Public Library is: 8 East Ross/City Complex, Greenland, 72737 M

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