Germany in WW2

Where is the Holocaust being denied?

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Why is the holocaust denied?

Have a look at the related question.

Who denied the Holocaust deniers?

Deborah Lipstadt and Richard J. Evans, among others, have written about (and against) Holocaust denial.

Why were Holocaust survivors denied entry to Canada?

for racial and anti-Semitic reasons

What did the Germans think of the Holocaust when it was revealed?

many denied it ever happend especially the slaughtering of the Jews

Reasons for being denied a pistol permit in new york?

If you have ever been arrest for a felony offense you will get denied for the permit. You can also be denied for being arrest on disorderly conduct. If you are denied, you can keep trying.

Why did Pope Benedict lift the excommunication of Bishop Williamson the Holocaust denier?

At the time of lifting the excommunication the Vatican had not been made aware of the latest charges that Williamson had denied the Holocaust.

What rights were the that the holocaust people were denied?

Basically every single right they could ever have. They were killed! Thye could not have a job, see their families, receive a trial, even living was denied.

Where are human rights are being denied?

human rights are being denied in the Suoth Africa and any other country that tolurates slavery

How many Buddhists died in the holocaust?

No one was killed for being Buddhist in the Holocaust.

What human rights were denied in the Holocaust?

In a major holocaust, mass butchering takes place, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. All sorts of human rights are violated. Specially the basic and most fundamental 'Right to Live' is grossly denied. This is the most tragic part of any holocaust. _________ 'irrespective of caste, creed or religion'? No, certain groups are targeted. It isn't random spree-killing.

What happened to the gestapos after the holocaust?

many where hanged, imprisoned, but lots denied what they did and also many ran away and went into hiding.

Who denied being a friend of Jesus?


What was the main effect of the holocaust?

The main affect of the holocaust was Jews being burned alive

Is the Holocaust the same as being burnt at the stake?

no it isn't you woudnt last 1 second in the holocaust

Why is the Holocaust known worldwide while the Armenian massacre is not?

Because the Armenian genocide is denied by Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Holicaust is internationally recognized.

What human rights were denied during the holocaust?

Just about all of them. Pretty much(and this is true) the only rights they had were to walk, stand, and run

How were African Americans denied equal rights?

African Americans were denied equal rights such as not being able to sit at the front of the bus, not being able to go to public ocations and being discrimanated.

Why does a person get denied a passport?

A passport can be denied for back child support,being a fellon.THIS APPLIES TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA.

What is one of the powers denied to congress?

One Of The Powers Denied To Congress Is That They Cannot Accuse Someone Of Being Guilty If They Are Not.(:

Did any Jewish people renounce being Jewish during the Holocaust?

Yes, but being Jewish in the Holocaust was not judged by one's self, it was determined by the Nazis.

What year was the Holocaust museum built?

The holocaust museum started being built in 1980 and opened in 1993.

Do black people have more rights than white people?

No, for a long while, it was to the contrary and blacks were being denied their rights, but neither side is openly being denied this now.

When did vince McMahon admit to being wwf owner?

He has never denied being the owner!

Is the holocaust being taught?

yes it is being taught but also i am in year 8 and i am being taught it.

How did Hitler's youth affect the Holocaust?

His mother died in the hospital from, possibly cancer, and the doctor that "couldn't" save her was a jew. as was hitler. he was denied from an art school, even being an exceptional artist, so that pretty much scarred him forever. His mother died in the hospital from, possibly cancer, and the doctor that "couldn't" save her was a jew. as was hitler. he was denied from an art school, even being an exceptional artist, so that pretty much scarred him forever.

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