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Where is the Langley Library in Langley located?


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The address of the Langley Library is: 104 Second St., Langley, 98260 M

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The address of the Langley Public Library is: 325 Osage, Langley, 74350 0655

The address of the Langley Adams Library is: 185 Main Street, Groveland, 01834 1314

The address of the Midland Valley Branch Library is: 9 Hillside Road, Langley, 29834 M

The phone number of the Langley Library is: 360-221-4383.

The phone number of the Langley Public Library is: 918-782-4461.

The phone number of the Langley Adams Library is: 978-372-1732.

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The phone number of the Midland Valley Branch Library is: 803-593-7379.

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Langley, Virginia was named for Langley Hall, which was part of the family estate of Virginia's royal governor during the mid-18th century. The former Langley Air Base (now part of Langley-Eustis) was named for aviation pioneer Samuel P. Langley.

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Dawn Langley Simmons's birth name is Gordon Langley Hall.

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