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pats module 1997 mustang location?

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Q: Where is the Location of the pats module in a 1998 mustang?
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How do you disable your securilock anti-theft system on 98 explorer?

look for the PATS (passive anti theft system) fuse, if its a shared circuit find the pats modules and take the + wire and cut and cap it Where is the PATS Module located? Again my question is where the PATS module located on vehicle

How do you override the anti-theft system on a 1996 Ford Mustang?

If you are talikng about the PATS(passive Anti-Theft System), you don't. That system is intregrated into the vehicle's computer system. When you start the car, the PCM looks for the PATS module that reads the chip inside the key, to either give the okie dokie, or saying "no-go," and the PCM takes appropriate action. If there is a problem with it, I am afraid you are stuck repairing it, or switching out the PCM for one that is not equipped with PATS, and therefore doesn't look for a PATS module signal.

Does a 1996 mustang require a computer chip in the key in order to start it?

Yes '96 was the first year for the PATS in the Mustang.

How do you remove pats on 99 mustang?

you first take all the stuff around it and put it on

Where is the PATS Module located?

So, a PATS module is located on a ford vehicle. A truck if I read correctly. It seems to be located underneathe the steering column, and has 4 wires. All these need to be together for this part of the vehicle to run.

Where do you get a replacement key for a 2001 Ford Mustang?

You have to have the mustang at the ford dealership to be hooked up to their equipment and they will reprogram you mustang computer with the encoded PATS key. If you had a mustang that was 1996-98 you could just order the encoded key and do it yourself in about 45 minutes. But because of the anti-theft chip placed in these keys by ford, late 1998 and newer have to be reprogrammed at the dealer. Sorry for the bad news!

Does a 1998 ford explorer have a chip key?

1998 Explorer uses a PATS II system with a transponder in the keyhead.

How do you change gem module on a 1997 Ford F-250?

A GEM module may need to be programed on that truck and should be taken to a dealer to be installed. If the truck has Pats keys (anti-theft keys)

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