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Go to Solaceon Town and then go East to where you will see 2 caves. 1 on top of a cliff, and one on the ground level. Go into the one you can, and then you are in the Solaceon Ruins. You should find the unknowns in there. Hope that helps :)

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Where is the unknown in Pokemon diamond?

Unknowns are in the soleceon ruins.

Where are the unknowns in pearl AND Pokemon Diamond?

In the solaceon ruins

In Pokemon diamond and peril how many unknowns are there?

There are 26 unknowns out of 486 Pokemon. There are actually 28 with the ! and ? plus the English alphabet and there is 493 not 486 geez Lolz

Witch shiny Pokemon are easiest to catch in diamond?

id say unknowns ive caght at least 5 different unknowns that r shiny

What are the letters of the unknowns in Pokemon diamond?

All Letters and theres now a Question Mark and a Explanation Mark......

Where can you find pictures of all the unknowns in Pokemon diamond?

look in the cave norh east of solaecean town and look there

How do you have to get all the unknowns to get the Azure Flute on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

no you can only get that flute by a event or a code from action replayer

Where can you find the last unknowns on Pokemon diamond i have 24 but i cannot find the last 2 unknowns?

that's hard to say you have to look all over in all the caves and it could take hours

Where is a Pokemon location chart for Pokemon Diamond version?

The site listed below has a chart for the Pokemon Finneon Diamond and Pearl edition.

Where can you find unown in Pokemon diamond anr or pearl?

You can find Unknowns in the Solaceon Ruins, which is right next to/in Solaceon town.

What does the unknowns do Pokemon?

unknowns dont do anything to the game they are just the elephbet

What to do with the unknowns you catch in diamond?

Unown (often wrongly spelled as Unknown) is a Pokemon in the Pokemon series. If you catch one of every type, a new part of their cave will be opened.

Where do you get rear candys in Pokemon Diamond?

You find them throughout the game, or by use of an Action Replay. If you want an exact location you should Google "Location of rare candies in Pokemon Diamond."

How many unknowns are there in Pokemon?

The alphabet so 26+2 because of the ? and the ! unknowns.

Where is the location of the Pokemon League in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Very north of sunyshore city.

Pokemon Diamond how do you get to the amber castle?

In Pokemon Diamond there is a location known as the Amber Castle. To get there, you need to first go to the Eterna Forest.

Where is the location of the fifth gym in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Hearthrome.

How do you get the all the unknows on Pokemon diamond is there a cheat or an easy way to get all the Unknowns?

i think so but im not sure i caught all of them in the cave

What is the location of the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Emerald for the GBA game series.

How do you beat the maniac in diamond?

catch all the unknowns

Where can you find unknowns on Pokemon Emerald?

no where

Where is fortree city on Pokemon diamond?

Fortree City is a location exclusive to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. This means it is impossible to visit Fortree City on Pokemon Diamond.

Location of Battle tower on Pokemon Diamond?

you find it at turtwig cityBeat the Pokemon League.

Where is trophy garden located in Pokemon platinum?

In the same location where you can find it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

How do you get to mt prye in Pokemon Diamond?

Mt. Pyre is a location in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, you can't get there in Diamond.