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Where is the PCV valve located on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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On my '99 Grand Prix GTP SuperCharged. + Standing in front center of the car+ Remove the plastic cover+ On TOP, the back right hand corner, there is a small flat plate with 2 small bolts on it.+ Remove 2 bolts, lift up Plate and Gasket+ Remove Spring+ Remove PCV with O-ring+ Put O-ring on new PCV and put PCV back in hole + Put Spring back in hole on top of PCV+ Replace Gasket and Plate+ Tighten down the 2 bolts+ Put Plastic Cover back on and tighten nutNow drive it like you stole it!

AnswerSome are on the valve covers and on some v8 and v6 they are located on the valve valley cover under the intake manifold. If you have carb just look for the 3/8" hose comming from the base of the carb. AnswerI don't write a good English sorryFor 3.1L and 2.8LIt is under map sensorThere are a picture in the front of your car look for. AnswerYes, in all cases the PCV valve is in between the top of your crankcase (the engine) and a hose connecting to air intake (after the air filter, before the throttle). (NO! NOT in all cases, the '99 Grand Prix GTP SuperCharged for example, it is not visible and there is no hose connecting it to the air intake)

This should be cleaned as often as oil is changed, not more than 3000 miles interval. Its hose should be cleaned also. Use carberator/air intake cleaning fluid to flush the parts out after removing them from the car. If there was sludge in them, they should be replaced with new ones.

It should be crystal clean, and you should hear the PCV valve clicking open and shut when you shake it.

These affect your engine performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency (which gives you both horsepower and gas milage!)


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