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first off, strength is an hm.


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There is no TM transform in Pokemon HeartGold

There is no TM for Dive and you don't need it.

I think that TM energy ball doesn't exist in heartgold. You can find it in Pokemon diamond and pearl on ds.

There is no TM Nitro Charge in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Only in Pokemon Black and White

After beating Jasmine, she will give you TM Iron Tail.

its not a TM but dodtrio can learn it by leveling up.

the department store in goldenrod

its in the goldenrod department store in the tm corner on the 5th floor

It is located somewhere in victory road

the TM is called rock climb and you have to beat all the kanto gyms to get it

Mimic is not a TM. In HG/SS, there is also no Move Tutor that teaches Mimic.

It is to hard to find on Pokemon Soulsilver/HeartGold

You can only get it if you trade a Pokemon from d/p/pt holding the TM toxic which can be found on route 212. sorry

if u beat all the kanto gyms u can get it in pallet town

Janine gives you it when you defeat her.

All you have to do is teach one of your Pokemon the TM headbutt.

Once you get to saffron city in kanto talk to uncle phychic and he will give you TM phychic!

This skill has to be taught to your Pokemon using a TM that you get as a reward on your journey

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