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It is in Fall City. Go to the section with the bell tower. Then, go left, past the Research lab. Then go up, a little bit to the left, and down. You should see a ladder going down into the ground.

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Where do you catch meditite in Pokemon Ranger?

You can catch a Meditite in the Underground Waterways.

How do you get a Feraligator in Pokemon Ranger?

Underground Waterways (Cross + Burn x 2)

Where do you catch feraligater in Pokemon Ranger?

Underground Waterways (Requires Cross + Burn x 2)

Is a crawdad found underground?

No, they are found in waterways.

Where do you catch Pokémon unnown in Pokémon Ranger?

that Pokemon is not in Pokemon ranger, Pokemon ranger shadows of almia, or Pokemon ranger guardian signs

Where can you find Squirtle in Pokemon Ranger?

In Fall City, there is a place caleled Underground Waterways. Explore this site and follow any path. After some exploring, you will come to a sort of clearing (acessed only by the Field Move, Cross) where a Squirtle will jump out of the water if you come near. You will find them near Feraligatr.

Where do you get Raikou in Pokemon Ranger?

It is only in the original Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. ORIGINAL Pokemon Ranger: Fiore Temple Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs: Rand's House @ Wireless Tower

What is Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia is a newer Pokemon ranger game

Where is regigigas on Pokemon Ranger?

Pokemon Ranger was made before Regigigas, so there is no Regigigas on Pokemon Ranger.

What kinds of Pokemon Ranger games are there?

There are 3 kinds of Pokemon Ranger games, the original Pokemon Ranger, POkemon Ranger:Shadows of Almia, and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Hoped this helped!

How do you move Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

Where how do you get feraligator on Pokemon Ranger?

There is no Feraligator in Pokemon Ranger.

Where is the elder Pokemon Ranger?

Pokemon ranger 1

What is the name of the new Pokemon Ranger game?

The newest Pokemon ranger game is Pokemon ranger: Guardian Signs.

Can be a Pokemon Ranger in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you can't. But there are two Pokemon ranger video games. There is Pokemon Ranger, and Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. I wouldn't recommend Pokemon Ranger though, I think it sucks. (Haven't tried the other one) Hope I helped! :)

How do you get manapy on Pokemon diomand?

YOU need Pokemon ranger for that YOU need Pokemon ranger for that

How do you get an Articuno in Pokemon Ranger?

You can't get Articuno in Pokemon Ranger.

How do you get phione in Pokemon Ranger?

Phione isn't in Pokemon Ranger.

Can you trade with Pokemon ranger and Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?


What is the newest Pokemon Ranger game?

The newest Pokemon Ranger game would be currently "Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs".

Do you need Pokemon ranger shadows of almia to do the manaphy egg mission?

You can do that mission in both ranger games. Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon ranger shadows of almia.

How do you get Pokemon in Pokemon Ranger?

You go up to the Pokemon and spin the ranger thing around them.

Where is sceptile in Pokemon Ranger?

Sceptile is at the oil rig in the ocean in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, or in Japan Pokemon Ranger: Batonnage

How Can you become a Pokemon Ranger inplatinum?

You cannot become a Pokemon Ranger in the Platinum game. The only way you can play as a ranger is if you're playing the Pokemon Ranger games.

Can you get a vibrava an Pokemon Ranger?

No, Vibrava is not obtainable in the first Pokemon Ranger.