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"Pokemon Ranger" -- the first Pokemon game that allows you to play a human character who isn't a trainer. In Ranger, you play a character who is considerably older than the usual protagonists of the Pokemon RPGs. Your aim is to bring peace and well-being to the Pokemon of Fiorre or Almia by conveying your calm emotions to the Pokemon you meet -- instead of capturing them. Questions about the capture challenges, basic gameplay and the Pokemon found within both "Pokemon Ranger" and "Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia."

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Pokemon Ranger

Where can you find Froslass on Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

Almia Castle, but only after you capture Ice's froslass.

Pokemon Ranger

Where can you find all the Pokemon for Murph's ranger contest?

both togekiss and honchkrow are in the sky(fly around sophian island)

kabutops is on dangerous cliff

probopass is behind daybreak ruins

quagsire is surrounded by a body of water at the old mansion

heracross is somewhere on sophian road

and cherim is on latolato trail (you need suicune in order to find it)

hope this helped :)

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Where can you see Mew in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't see Mew in Pokemon Diamond. You have to either cheat (use Action Replay) or you have to transfer it from a game where you can catch a Mew. You can also trade with Wi fi or someone else who has it.

Dragonwagonx: You can receive a Mew by having the wii game called Poekmon Rancher and having 999 Pokemon in ur Ranch and the chick will trade you a mew. :D

Pokemon Ranger

Does netflics have Pokemon Ranger and the temple of the sea?

Yes. However, it is only available on DVD. Netflix does not offer any Pokémon titles for streaming.

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Pokemon Ranger

Did bianca kiss ash in Pokemon Heroes?

Opinion 1

It was Latias because when you look closely at the shirt collar Latias' shirt collar does not have any buttons but the real Bianca does.

Opinion 2It was Latias since when Ash and the gang were leaving they saw Bianca (Latias) and they pull over and when they met she just gave him a picture and a kiss on the cheek, it's obvious because when Latias is Bianca she never talks but Bianca does. Opinion 3 - It's unknown but it is most likely Latias because she just ran up to him and kissed him because she doesn't talk but it may be Bianca because almost every Pokemon Movie Main Girl turns out to like Ash or be friends with him.

Opinion 4 - It is most likely Bianca because when Oakley called she left her room and she is the one drawing not Latias

Opinion 5 - It is most probably Latias, or it could be Bianca because she may be acting all Latias-like so Ash wouldn't know.

Opinion 6 - It was Latias I know this with absolute certainty. I say it's Latias because Latias is the one that Ash saved from the two Team Rocket girls, Latias developed a very close bond with Ash throughout the course of the movie and she didn't say a single word to Ash, she stayed completely silent which Latias always does while transformed.

Opinion 7 - It was Bianca because you see the hand grabbing the picture of Ash and Pikachu a hat was left on the painting stand and plus Latias can't kiss because before on it she licked ash.

Opinion 8 I believe that Bianca kissed Ash and there are a few theories.

1. What if Bianca kissed Ash and gave him the picture as a way of thanking him for all the trouble he went through?

2. What if Bianca took off her hat so that she could trick Ash (not to mention almost all the Pokemon fans) that it wasn't her

3. If you don't own Pokemon Heroes on DVD then this won't make any sense but on the Pokemon Heroes DVD trivia game, one of the questions are "In parting, what kind of gift does Bianca give to Ash?" and the correct answer is: a painting.

Another Opinion:

It's hard to tell but here are some clues to find out who it was.

If it was Latias:

1. Latias normally doesn't talk when she's in human or humanoid form.

2. Bianca was gone when Ash was leaving so i think maybe Latias grabbed the painting and took it to Ash.

3. Latias' relationship with Ash improves throughout the entire movie and because of which she had really taken a liking to Ash.

If it was Bianca:

1. Near the end of movie Latios and Latias weere flying through town and it would take a long time to find a safe place to change back so it could be Bianca.

2. Latias can't draw and she seemed in such a rush that maybe Bianca forgot her hat.

3.Bianca was kinda mean to Ash but later she started to open up to him.

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What does HP in Pokemon stands for?

the amout of health a Pokemon has pp is the amount of times a move can be moved Health points.

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What does sven want in the chroma ruins in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

after u meet sven u should get one skuntank which u should get inside the ruin then, use skuntank's field move to knockdown those dimsun now u go deeper inside and u will see a Pokemon called spiritomb try to capture it but it takes a lot of hard time to catch it then u go more deeper and u will see a ladder to go up use it and go up u will go inside a house and get a burnt diary and get out of there it is mission complete enjoy.but trust me i m just a 14 years old and i completed Pokemon ranger 1 and 2 and waiting for Pokemon ranger 3 in English. if u have any problem then please contact me in my email id which is bebi_muskan9@yahoo.com

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Where can you find a 22 caliber Ranger Model 103-8 for sale?

All I can say is look in gunshops, at gunshows, and online sources like gunbroker.com and gunsamerica.com. If you can't find the Ranger, look for a Marlin Model 100 as it should be the same gun with a different name stamped on it. I have a Ranger Model 103-8 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle that I need a firing pin and firing pin front and rear springs. I ordered a pin from Numrich gun parts and the pin I got didn't fit. I was told that it was the same pin that is used in the Marlin 100 rifle, but that is not the case. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Where can you find photos of Darby's Rangers?

I have a photograph album of "Darby's Rangers" published in 1945. Please feel free to e-mail me your grandfather's name, & whether he was a member of the 1st, 3rd or 4th Ranger Battalion. It will be my pleasure to look for a photograph of your grandfather for you.

Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections.com

I am the webmaster of the website dedicated to World War II Rangers by their Sons&Daughters. You will find pictures, stories, Calendar of events, obituaries as the Rangers notify us, and many more updates written and shared exclusively by the Rangers themselves. The second site listed here is a roster of all Rangers who served in World War II. This site is searchable by name. Rangers lead the way! Sherry Klein

www.RangerFamily.org and www.RangerRoster.org

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Is there a way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Pearl without going to a Nintendo event or using a cheat device?

You can get Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin all through a glitch called tweaking. To tweak the game, you must have a bicycle and be in Jubilife City. Put the bike on gear four, and go up a few steps, right 1 step, down 1 step, left 1 step, right 1 step, and left a few steps. You have to do this very fast, not just a step at a time. If the game doesn't freeze, then you should open the void (to the left of you). Through this, you can basically go anywhere in the game, even the restricted islands where the legendaries all are. Look up tweaking on youtube to find specifically where they are.

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How much will gamestop give you for Pokemon ranger?

you cant acctually sell games to gamestop, you have to trade them in. if you do you get a 30% discount on any game you want for nds

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How do you capture a wild Wobbuffet on Pokemon Ruby?

Easy, Safari Zone, east of Lilycove City

The only way to catch a Wobbuffet is in the Safari Zone WEST of Lilycove.

Pokemon Ranger

When is there going to be a new Pokemon Ranger game?

there will be one in 2012 it is called pokemon grey.


Pokemon Ranger

Will there be a Pokemon Ranger 3?

yes and if you want proof go to Pokemon.co.jp it will be in Japanese. it will not be in the English version of the website for a long time. i know that japan gets all the Pokemon games before us because Pokemon was made there.

Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon ranger shadows of almia walk through walls?

94000130 000003BB

6210D6E8 00000000

B210D6E8 00000000

90000000 FFFD0000

D9000000 00000000

D4000000 00000002

D6000000 00000000

D2000000 00000000

94000130 0000037B

6210D6E8 00000000

B210D6E8 00000000

90000000 FFFD0002

D9000000 00000000


D6000000 00000000

D2000000 00000000

this one works press select + up to activate and select + down to deactivate have fun and just so you know this code can mess your game ironik on how you use it.

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How To Catch Steelix In Pokemon Ranger?

get a sneasel right before it adn use it to double your line length

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Where to download pokemon ranger guardian signs?

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When does the new Pokemon game come out in UK?

Some Time In May

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How do get Porygon z in shadows of almia?

after beat darkrai in altru tower (team dim sun take over it Blake=whayt hall) in oil field hideout(altru inc taken by team dim sun as their secret base where jou will ficht kincaid again in the undergruond level but first rescue isaac(muschroom haircut)

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How do you recover unsaved data in pokemon pearl?

you CANT

Pokemon Ranger

How do you beat gordor in Pokemon Ranger?

I posted this question. Here is my answer:

Use Gengar for Raikou. It is in the cave where you found Flareon. Rather than circling to make ghosts, circle Raikou and the ghosts will latch on to Raikou directly, and as you circle, more will be created.

For Suicune, use Discharge. Attack whenever Suicune isn't, build up the Partner Gauge, then use it and capture.

For Entei, use Gengar and the same strategy for Raikou. Discharge is useful, and it's what I use.

Note: You may have been decieved. The game doesn't end after Gordor. These strategies are useful for the last three bosses. Discharge is useful throughout the whole game, but ******* and ******** are resistant to Discharge.

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Where can you download gba rom Pokemon Ranger?

Sorry, no you can't.

Pokemon Ranger

Where to find the Pokemon ampharos in Pokemon rangers?

im sorry but there is no ampharos in pkmn ranger but , i dont know what rangers are u talkin about

Pokemon Ranger

How do you defeat the wireless tower in Pokemon Ranger?

In Guardian Signs ?Raiku thats all


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