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The password is stored in SAM, security accounts manager, which is run off/part of the system registry and is not accessible during operation of the system using the registry.

Usually the files are:

For restarting windows:C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexecFor Windowsshutdown:C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows

More OS specific commands can be found below,

Information for deleting SAM files:

In Windows NT / 2000 / XP, system uses SAM(Security Account Manager) to manage the safety of user account.SAM uses Security Identifier to perform Account management. The Security Identifier was created with the user account, and once you delete the user account, the SID will be deleted at the same time. One SID with only one account even if the same user name created in different time will with different SID. Therefore, once an account is reconstructed, it will be given a different SID, and won't keep the original jurisdiction. SAM perform with %System Root % system32configsam file. This file is a Windows NT / 2000 / XP user account database, all user name and password and related information can be stored in this file.

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Q: Where is the Windows XP file containing your password stored?
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Where is the Windows XP file containing your username stored?

In the SAM file.

What is the name of file that has boot password in it in Windows XP?

The boot password is a feature provided by the motherboard (hardware) and is not stored in a file on the disk that WindowsXP could access.

Does removing the CMOS backup battery remove the login password for Windows XP?

No. Only the BIOS settings and password are stored in the battery-backed CMOS memory. Windows passwords are stored in the Windows registry, in a file on your hard disk.

How can you retrieve a password from regedit?

User account passwords are not stored in the regedit. The passwords are stored in a hidden file located in Windows. This file you can't see no matter what, you would have to get a third party program to unlock it and grab the information from the file.

Where is the root password stored in Ubuntu?

The root password is stored in hashed form in the /etc/shadow file.

How the passwords are stored in password file in UNIX operating system?

Most Unix systems no longer store the passwords in the password file; it is stored in a private file called /etc/shadow, only accessible by the root account. The passwords are stored in encrypted form in that file.

Where is root password stored?

in /etc/shadow file, encrypted

Where is the firewall typically stored?

if its windows then its a windows file, probably in the c drive

How can you set a password on a regular file?

To set a password on a regular file, one should use the application that created the file e.g. MS Word for .doc files. You may also opt to set a password on the folder containing the file.

How do you password protect a file in Windows Vista?

You must first compress the files as a .ZIP file. When you compress the file, under the security tab, you can password protect it.

What is stored in an executable file?

Commands for applications are stored in an executable file. They are the primary programs that operate all Windows operating systems.

How do you lock folders in Windows XP?

To lock a folder in Windows XP, right click on the folder in which you have stored your data and click "add to archive." Proceed to the tab called "advanced," and click on "select password." Create a password and select that box labeled "encrypt file names."

How do you reset your windows password?

I recommend an easy-to-use program to unlock Windows password-Windows Password Key. It can reset/remove your password without losing any data. Please refer to instructions below: 1. Download Windows Password Key on another accessible computer.2. Run the downloaded file and install it.3. Burn a password reset disk with Windows Password Key.4. Reset your windows password with the burned disk above.

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What is the purpose of the Cisco IOS enable secret command?

This command provides the ability to the administrator to enter an encrypted form of the enable password. If the administrator uses the enable password command the password is stored in plain text within the startup config file. If enable secret is used, the password is stored as an encrypted string within the startup config file.

How do you recover tally erp 9 password?

Tally Pasword is stored in company.900 file, to recover your password send this file at or visit for more details

What part of the Windows Registry contains the user's password file?


How do you reset a windows xp password if I am forgotten?

To get more helpful info, u can search the method source: Windows Password Reset Std/Windows Password Reset Pro/Windows Password Reset Deluxe. And have a try. Follow my steps: Step1:Download and install Windows Password Reset Step2:Burn Windows Password Reset ISO file to CD/DVD Step3:Put in your newly created CD and remove your Windows Password Hope it can help.

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000xp CD where the installation files stored?

In A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC Sixth Edition, Page 59 of Chapter 2 "What an Operating System Does" You will find it says: "The data is stored in a file on the hard drive called a SWAP file or PAGE file. The Windows 2000/XP swap file is Pagefile.sys, and the Windows 9x/Me swap file is Win386.swp."

How can you reset your password or recovery password in Windows?

There is an easy-to-use thirty-party tool to reset your password. It is Windows Password Key. It supports Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2). You can follow the steps below:Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key in another accessible PC.Step 2: Run the downloaded file and install it.Step 3: Burn a reset disk with Windows Password Key.Step 4: Reset your password with created disk above.

When should you use MUI in Windows?

never it ruins every file you've stored in Windows so please don't use it!!!!

Where is the PC name stored on the C drive?

The windows registry. Technically in the file system.dat though you cannot directly edit this file

Find Lost password for windows 98?

Passwords are completely useless in Windows 98. If you would like to recover a personal profile, all you need to do is delete the password file. It will be follow the syntax of USERNAME.PWL, where [USERNAME] is the name you log in with. Just delete this file. Then log in using a blank password, and change it in the Control Panel.

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Is it possible to password protect a program file in windows 98?

Yes, there are many ways to password protect a program file in Windows 98: 1. Use a compressor and compress your program file with a password. (7-Zip, Winrar, Winzip...) 2. Empathy ( which add a small code to your program file and you have to enter a right password in order to execute that file. Phaoloo ===== Yes and no. No is if you do not have any specialised software for the task, yes is obviously if you have such a program. Of course now with Win XP and Me if your file system is FAT or NTSF does not matter, just zip, encrypt and password protect! If the Windows 98 drive is in FAT format then you could use a free program I have used........... Redgreen