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Where is the air bag sensors location in 1994 Toyota tercel?


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The Airbag Crash Sensor Unit is located on the floor behind the radio in the center console.


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Toyota tercel, Automotive Repair Manual, 1987 thru 1994. (Haynes)

It is the fuse panel under the dash.

a Toyota tercel has 4 motor mounts and 2 for the transmission theses motor mounts make your car unstable and they are easily broken

Found the answer: it does not have one, according to the Toyota Dealer.

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Back side (firewall side)underneath near the bottom of the motor.

Haynes Manual for Toyota Tercel 1987-1994 states: Transaxle: Automatic (drain and refill) 2.6 quarts

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my 1994 tercel can do like 130 k/ph on a long stretch of highway, but realistically over 110 with the suspension and wheels it gets shaky.

Check engine lights will not turn off in a vehicle until they are reset. To reset the light on a 1994 Toyota Tercel pull the ECU fuse.

according to the haynes repair manual sparkplug gap is .043 inches

Under the driver side dash you should see a small removable panel..

don't bother-its not worth the hassle. Or go to a local body shop or the Toyota dealer near you and get their opinion

On my 1992 Tercel the gap is .044 inches. When you buy plugs, the manual (at least the Champion manual) should also have gap specs for the car.

The 1994 Toyota uses are R-136 Freon. The air conditioning compressor Freon capacity is five pounds. The manufacturer recommends you never overfill the air conditioner compressor.

Get it used from a junk yard, or any other Toyota engine with an identical 8th digit in VIN.

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