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Where is the almo?


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I think you mean Alamo. If so then the Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas.


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He fought in the almo with Sam Houston

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The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas

No, he was in a Mexico City jail at the time.

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Paolo Noto was born on October 17, 1907, in Monterosso Almo, Ragusa, Italy.

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No. The Texas was not free until the battle of San Jancito. They defeated the Mexican army and captured Santa Anna here.

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Both fought in the Almo . Your lucky I answered this one because when I answered someone else's question I said think about it but since this question is answerable and a reasonable question I could answer this with no problem. Hope I helped

Many significant Americans died during the Battle of the Alamo. Among these, three "Texian" (Texas-American) leaders who died were the following: Almaraon Dickinson, artilleryman and defender of the Alamo; George C. Kimbell, resident of Gonzales and officer of the garrison of Alamo; ; and William Barrett Travis, commander of the garrison of Alamo.

Ioannes Iacobus Orgeatius has written: 'Ioannis Iacobi Orgeatii Galli i. c. in almo Ferr. gimnasio politiorem hvmanitatem profitentis in obitv Aloysii Atestini, Principis illust.mi & S. R. E. Cardinalis ampliss. oratio' -- subject(s): Death and burial, Social life and customs, Early works to 1800

Juan Seguin joined William B. Travis on February 23, in the battle of the Alamo. Although serving at the Alamo, during the thirteen day siege, he did not actually participate in the final battle of the Alamo. Because Seguín spoke some English and Spanish, he was chosen to carry the Alamo message through enemy lines that the Texans "shall never surrender or retreat."

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