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On the 1990-1993 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE models it is actually located under the passenger side of dash. It is VERY WELL HIDDEN directly on the back side of the long vertical relay panel. In between the rows of identical square relays there will be 2 T-15 star (TORX) screws. Once they are removed the relay panel (also containing a few low amp fuses) can be swung out of the way. There will be two more screws (comb 7mm or t-15) that hold the retainer for the relay panel. They screw into the passenger side dash end. Once its loose you can unplug the PassKey module. The Deville did not start putting modules like this in the trunk until the 94-99 body style.

== == == == I think that the module is behind the rear seat in the trunk. You have to open the trunk and pull down the panel that covers the seat back. there are about 9 different things in that area.

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Q: Where is the anti-theft module for the Pass-Key II system located on a 1993 Cadillac DeVille?
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