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you should see a small dome about the size of a dime on the dash somewhere and it will have a cloudy but see-through color.

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Q: Where is the automatic headlight sensor or diode located on a 1998 Olds Achieva?
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Where is the automatic headlight sensor located on a 1994 caprice?

In the center of the dash at the defroster vent.

Where is the Camshaft Position Sensor located in the 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva?

The Camshaft Position Sensor is located behind the Power Steering Pump.

Where is the automatic headlight sensor on a volkswagen golf?

The automatic headlamp sensor on a Volkswagen Golf is integrated into a windshield-mounted sensor near the rear-view mirror. It is combined with a moisture sensor to control the automatic windshield wipers.

Where is the automatic headlight sensor on a 2001 Ford F150?

The sensor is located under the oval shaped panel on top of your dashboard. Should pull right up and you will see the sensor attached to the bottom of this panel.

How do you repair an automatic headlight sensor on a 1999 Buick Century Limited?

Replace control unit located under dash usually in the middle section

Where is the headlight sensor located on a 2001 Mercury Sable?

on the dash

Where is the automatic transmission temperature sensor located on a 1990 Mitsubishi montero LS?

The automatic transmission temperature sensor, on your 1990 Mitsubishi, is located on the top of the transmission. The sensor will have to electrical wires going to it.

Fix the Automatic headlight leveling system warning light on a 05 Toyota Prius?

On my 05 Prius the problem was the axle height sensor located near the left rear wheel.

Where is a map sensor located on 96 olds acieva 2.4 lt?

The map sensor is located on the intake manifold on a 1996 Olds Achieva 2.4 liter. It is in the center of the intake manifold.

WHERE crank sensor 92 olds achieva?

It is located behind the harmonic balancer, also called the vibration dampener.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a 1996 Oldsmobile achieva?

check main pulley area bottom by harmonic balance

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder Automatic?

It is located in the transfer case!

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