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Q: Where is the bell in I Spy Super Challenger?
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Where is the bell in I spy extreme challenger on pages 16 and 17?

On page 16 of I Spy Extreme Challenger, the bell is located on the bottom left corner. On page 17, the bell is on the bottom right corner.

Where is the mouse trap in you Spy Super Challenger?

itsa Fred again

Where are the thirteen number nines in the I Spy Super Challenger?

thirteen number nines

Where is the bee on a block in I spy super challenger?

B block upper left

Where is the mouse in you spy super challenger?

A mouse can be seen on page 17 on the badminton racquet.

Where is the eyes with no face in you spy super challenger?

Above the blue sunglasses on the left page

Where are the snowmen in spy super challenger?

one of them is in page 22 and the other one i think it's in page 23

You spy super challenger where is the beetle?

The big yellow ladybug under the starfish on page 9. A ladybug is a beetle.

Where is the ICE in you Spy Super Challenger?

on the upper right hand corner of page 25....the ice cream cone has the word 'ICE'

Where are the umbrellas on You spy super challenger?

The umbrellas can be found on Level 4 of the "You Spy Super Challenger" game. Look for them near the beach area or in the outdoor seating section. Keep an eye out for colorful umbrellas to spot them easily.

Where is the rock in i spy super challenger?

The rock is on near the bottom of page 14, above the yellow car under the bridge. Where two men besides it.

Where is the ball in I spy super challenger?

On page 12 next to the top right corner of the table are two figurines playing basketball. One of them is holding a ball.