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Check your local wedding boutiques to see what styles of wedding gowns they have available. Looking through bridal magazines will also show you wide selection of romantic wedding dresses and where they can be purchased.

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Q: Where is the best place to buy a romantic wedding dress?
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Best place to buy a wedding dress?

A bridal shop that has sales.

Where can one find wedding dress pictures?

The best place to find wedding dress pictures is at your local formal dress-wear retailer. The internet will provide more options to find pictures of wedding dresses, with companies sites such as Martha Stewart's Wedding.

Where is the best place to shop on line for wedding dresses?

yeah,wedding dress,i know a website ,which's a complany named milanoo onlion special sale for it. The pricese are lower than other's because the complany sells them directly.There are many kinds of wedding dresses ,such as 2010 style wedding dress,sweetheart wedding dress,off-the -shoulder wedding dress,strapless wedding dress and A-line wedding dress and so on.milanoo.comCheck out They have amazing weddin gowns and they are very affordable. Congrats on your wedding!

How do you clean satin wedding dress?

Your best bet is to take your dress to a place where they only specialize in bridal gown preservation. There, they will clean your dress for you. It is best to get your dress cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding day, this way your dress won't become yellow with age. Its best to get it cleaned once every year or so, that way it will look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Where can I buy an affordable wedding dress?

The best place to find an affordable wedding dress is to go to a retailer that sells wedding dresses and ask to see their clearance rack. This process may be long and cumbersome to find the right dress, but if you find a dress that makes you happy, saving money via this method is priceless.

Can you remove the lace from your wedding dress?

Yes, you can remove lace from a wedding dress, but it is best done by a professional seamstress that will have some vision as to how the wedding dress will look without the lace.

Where is the best place to have a wedding?

The only place for a wedding is in love

What is the best way to store a wedding dress in a humid climate like Houston?

Humidity can stain a wedding dress giving it a yellow appearance. It is important to have a wedding dress bag that can protect your dress from these elements. If you are unsure where to buy this kind of bag you should ask the dress maker where you purchase your dress. In the worst case scenario, never keep a dress in the attic or the basement of the house and try to store it in a place with a moderate but stable temperature.

Where can you find the dress Julia Roberts wore in the film My Best Friends Wedding?

Wher can i fund tge dress julia roberts wore in the film my best friends wedding

What is the best veil for a halter wedding dress?

It is not the style of the top of the wedding dress re the veil, but the length of the skirt of the wedding dress. Short skirted wedding dress; short veil; long skirted wedding dress a long veil. Veils do not need to be worn if the bride chooses not too and if it suits the wedding dress she can wear a single flower in her hair (over one ear) or small flowers in her hair.

Where is the best place to buy a wedding dress?

Have your wedding dress and evening gowns custom made by Brazilian designer, Elma Reis, at Couture Bridal by Elma Reis in New York. The designer will work with you to make your wedding dress the perfect wedding dress. She made my friend's wedding dress and allowed her to to make changes in the fabric and design to suit her budget and taste. I now have all my party dresses made by Elma.Unfortunately, it is not very up to date, so you cannot see all of her wedding gowns including her beautiful specialty traditional gowns for Jewish brides.

Where do you sell a 1950s wedding dress?

Maybe ebay is the best choice.

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