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Pet stores are certainly best. You can ask them for a female betta. But if you want to go some place OTHER than a pet store, there are some good Web sites. sells some nice fish. sells show quality fish. Both websites will ship to your location. The fish do well in transit. I've had thousands shipped IN and OUT.

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Q: Where is the best place to get a female Betta fish other than pet stores?
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How many Betta fish can you have in one tank?

You cannot place two male betta fish in a tank or they will fight each other to the death. However, depending on the size of your fish tank, as many as five female bettas can live in a tank together.

How do you know a betta fish is pregnant?

Betta fish are egg layers, so they don't get pregnant.Put a male and a female together in a large tank with a place for the female to hide and for them to swim and they should have babies called fry.

How do you make a male betta fish build a bubble nest?

Place a female in close proximity where he can see her.

How do you know if your betta fish mated?

from my own personal studies in aquarism i concluded that the male will wrap-around the female depositing the eggs into the male who will place them into a bubble web at the top of the tank. p.s. what sex is your betta?

Will the eggs be safer with the female betta or the male betta?

both fish may eat the fish eggs, so i suggest you place the eggs in a small bowl or glass of water that you fill from the betta's tank. also, female and male bettas can e together. it is just the same gender that fight. So, you can put both bettas together and keep the eggs in the now vagant tank.

Female bettas and male bettas get alone?

Sometimes they will but not offen very few times will the male betta not bother the female to sickness or death but if you provied a place for her to run away to like a plant.

What do male betta's do when they see female betta's?

If the male is not interested in the female betta, (which is usually the case when bettas are to old, too young, or the female is not ready to have kids) the male will attack it. If the male is interested, then the male will make a bubble nest in order to keep the eggs safe. Then, the male will chase the female violently. This is called a courtship. The male will then fertilize the female's eggs and place them in the bubble nest. He will then chase the female away. He will either eat the eggs or guard them. If he guards them, eggs will continue to fall off the nest, so the male will pick them up with his mouth and put them back until the eggs hatch.

Where is the best place to get a betta?

pet smart

What stores sell only clothing for girls?

There are not a lot of stores that sells specifically female clothing only. Cleo and Zalando may be a good place to start. They offer female apparels only at an affordable price.

Why do Betta fish swim?

For the same reason you walk. To move or go to some other place. They gotta get around some how.

When do take out the female betta when mating?

After the eggs are fertilized, the female either retreats on her own, or the male chases her off. when this happens, pull her out of the tank and place her in a preprepared "hospital tank" as she will probably have a few torn fins and cuts from the mating process.

How do you make a betta fish furious?

You can place a mirror in front of it and it will fight as though it was another betta. However if you keep the mirror in for too long your betta will get stressed out and die, so best not to do that.

Your going to get 3 betta fish 2 female and 1 male you have a 5 gal tank that divides into 3 separate chambers can the 2 female betta fish share 2 chambers and the male have his own?

yes because only the male fight and that iss because of females, food, and territory. Do not place mirrors or anything that reflects images to the male it will cause him to attack and to hurt himself.

Does a betta fish need a nest to breed?

Yes and No. The betta will make a bubble nest, but it is helpful to the betta to have the bottom half a styrofoam cup in the tank for the betta to build it on, it would most likely build one anyway if there was a place to build one though. Good luck!

Do betta fish lay how long do betta fish live for?

You mean betta fish, right? Betta fish cna lay eggs if you have two of the opposite gender in the same tank. If you have a male and female betta in one tank, they won't fight. If you have two females or two males, they will fight. So, you could see if they get allong. ig the bettas do lay eggs, they can still live together, but you MUST place tyhe eggs in a seperate tank, or they'll most likely be eatten. As for the lifecycle of a betta fish, if properly cared for, they can live for years. Two years is very old for some fish, but one man had a goldfish for 13 years!

How do you tell if my betta fish is suffering?

Well betta fish cannot be in tap water. It's like poison to them. They have to have treated water. I found out my betta was suffering when he wouldn't eat anything. Betta like to be out in the open so they can see movement and action. The living room is a good place.

What is a reserved place which stores data temporarily?

The is a reserved place which stores data temporarily

Do betta fish eat live goldfish or other fish?

Beta fish are solitary fish and generally will attack/annoy any other fish until they are dead. Check with your local pet shop that sell fish to inquire about what, if any, fish can co-exist with Beta. it all depends on how aggressive you betta fish is, i own two male bettas, i placed my first one in the tank with 3 other goldfishes and they get along fine, however when i replaced the 1st betta with the 2nd one, it was the more aggressive one and attacked my other fishes...... my suggestions is to buy a seperator for the betta and have it get use to the other fishes for the first couple of weeks then place them together. just a heads up, doing this can cause a betta to get stressed out, so be on a look out for simptosn of ick hello!

How do Betta fish get eggs?

If you place a female betta where she can see a male, you'll notice that she will get a large bump on her abdomen (right under her gills.) These are eggs that she will normally release on her own. Most females produce eggs on a regular basis, but if they're next to a male, they produce more. I wouldn't recommend breeding bettas though, unless you do a ton of research first, (if you just throw them together, one will typically kill or horribly injure the other.)I would also not recommend leaving the female near a male as she can become egg bound and potentially die.

What conditions could two betta fish could live together?

It is possible to have two betta in an aquarium for a short while but you would need at least a 6 foot tank with heaps of water plants and other places like rock formations (hidey holes). The reason for this is to avoid them seeing one each other and a place for the victim to retreat to. Eventually they will meet and there will be fighting if you have two males, or flashing followed by nest building and spawning if you have a pair. Once the breeding is over the female will be fleeing.

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How do you get a betta fish to stop fighting with his reflection?

tap on the place it is looking at and will be scared

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