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Its basically kaaba located in Makkah at that direction muslim worship..muslim worship in dirextion of kaaba not kaaba

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It is a religious journey to:



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Makkah (or Mecca) in Saudi Arabia

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Q: Where is the best place to go on a pilgrimage?
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Where do Hindus go on a pilgrimage?

a place

What is place of pilgrimage?

a place where worshippers of the said religion go..on a pilgrimage, a journey of 'enlightenment' so to speak if that is your sort of thing.

Where do Islmaic peoples go to the pilgrimage?

Mecca is the main place.

What places do pilgrims go to on this pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage means a trip with a purpose, , so it could be said that if a person who wants to return to the place of their birth are going on a pilgrimage.

Who might go on a pilgrimage?

Anyone can go on a pilgrimage, it just depends on what their pilgrimage is about.

Why do you have pilgrimage?

because i like to walk to place and go to try and touch god.

Why do you do pilgrimage?

because i like to walk to place and go to try and touch god.

A travel is religious places?

Travelling to a religious place (a place holy to your religious beliefs) is to go on a pilgrimage.

Were is the Hindus pilgrimage?

The Ganges River is a common place for Hindus to go on a pilgrimage.

Why is mecca a place of pilgrimage?

because it is Muslim and it has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries

Is Saint Peter's Basilica a place of pilgrimage?

Yes, it is an important Catholic place of pilgrimage.

How long has Iona been a place of pilgrimage?

go a way why r u asking!!