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u have been appointed as the project leader to head the development of website of a state government the content has to come from various departments spread across the have been asked to submit a report as to what all contents should be there on the website and how it will updated

A good content management system allows its users to manage the content delivery to the whole website. There are lot of open source ones such as Joomla,Drupal,E107 which you can download and customize according to specific requirements.

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What is the content of the ApnilSP website?

The content of the ApnilSP website is primarily music. Specifically, the ApnilSP website focuses on Pakistani and Indian music and is the place to go for that.

How to rank up my website in the highest place with a little pay or without paying to anybody?

In order to get a higher search engine ranking on your website, you need to optimize the content of your website. The easiest way to do this would be to hire a SEO content writer. You could, however, learn how to write optimized web content on your own. There are lots of guides on the Internet that can help you teach yourself how to do it.

Where do you learn to speak Italian for free?

A place to learn to speak Italian for free is the website Livemocha.

Which is the best place in the world to learn about real estate and property management?

Opinion: The best place for you to learn about real estate and property management is the place where you are located or where you would like to eventually work. That way you learn the skills that will allow you to operate successfully in your particular region. You should perform an online search for the top college programs in your area for real estate and property management studies.

Where can I learn about disaster relief?

The American Red Cross is the best place to learn about disaster relief. You can take classes at many of their facilities or learn from from their website.

Where can someone learn how to design a website?

Network Solutions is one of the best sites for anything website related> Especially for small businesses Here is the link bit .ly/3jMvXdw (Take out the space)

Where can you find website hosting for masonic lodge?

The MasonicPages website (see related link) is owned and operated by Masons, and it offers website hosting services to Masonic lodges. Their simple content management system allows you to manage your lodge website easily and effortlessly. Edit, modify and perform updates to your website as often as you like and as easily as you would any word processing document. Any lodge brother appointed by the Worshipful Master can keep your lodge's website content up to date. No knowledge of html programming or web design is necessary. They offer free domain registration and free hosting; they DO NOT place ads on your website like some other free hosting services do. You will only pay the annual Lodge Content Management Licensing fee of $95 per year. That's all you have to pay, there are no hidden charges or additional costs.

Brand management Do's and don'ts of social media?

Social Media Management, Simplified Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place.

What are the functions of computer lab management?

this is a room or place where people get to use or learn more about computers e.g internet caf'e

Where to place an HTML code on own website?

HTML makes the website, so it is right throughout the page. Effectively your website is built by HTML and then you add the actual content you want. You can't have a page without it.

Where is the best place to learn about Heathrow express?

The best place to learn about Heathrow Express would be on their website directly, a friend who is familiar with them or perhaps your local library. There are also plenty of resouces online as well.

What is the best website that teaches you how to play a guitar?

Have a look at this website, its just recently re-launched. Their forums are a good place to learn:

What is the purpose of the Bitesize GCSE website?

The purpose of the Bitesize GCSE website is to give children a place to learn about history and current events in a child friendly way. One can access this website through BBC's website.

What website do you learn how to design a website?

YouTube and w3schools are both good places to start, when you have a specific question either a google search or stackoverflow is a good place to go to.

Is there a place online I can go so I can learn how to do a brake master cylinder repair?

A good website to visit to learn how to repair a brake master cylinder is This website will give you a list of materials and step by step instructions on how to perform this repair.

Where can i learn how to become a freelance writer fast?

The internet is a great place to research what it takes to become a freelance writer. Follow this link for an informative article on how to become a freelance writer:

Where can you learn more about loans?

You can go to your local bank website and learn about them there or you can go to govloan and learn about them there as well. The government page might be the best place to learn about loans. You can also go to any site on line that has blogs or discussions about loans as well.

How can one learn how to create a free website?

The best place to start your business online and sell your products to create a website at the lowest possible costs and with high quality For $ 3.99 you can build your first website. Website link: Put the link on Google, and the site will appear for you ..... Here links are not allowed to be published

How do you get a website?

If your a teenager get piczo The best place to start is with a free website. You can easily move it to a self-hosted WordPress site (see when you have all your content in it and you're familiar with how WordPress works.

Where can one learn about the Princesses in England?

A good place to learn about English princesses is the official website of the British Monarchy. You many also wish to check Wikipedia for a list of British princesses.

Where can you learn chess moves?

The best place to learn chess moves would be only at the Chess website. It shows many different techniques for winning at a chess game and can prove useful.

Where can I learn about Black Friday deals at Target?

The best place to find Target black friday deals is on their website, They have information on both online and in store deals for their store on the website.

What services does the website Teen Chat provide?

The website Teen Chat provides a safe, monitored place where teens everyone can log online to chat. Teen Chat has rules like no profanity or sexual content.

How can I learn more about Aldi food stores?

There is no better place to learn about a company than wikipedia. You could also check out their website,, if you believe anything a company says.

Where can I learn more about the bariatric surgery society?

The best place to learn about the bariatric surgery society is their official website which can be found at This stands for the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.