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In story mode, in a place called sunset canyons.

2007-09-24 02:31:49
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How do you find a buried treasure with the metal detector in The Sims 2 for ps2?

just put on the metal detector and then walk around on the grass the blue circle beneath the metal detector will turn white and beep when u have found treasure.

How do you get metal on the Sims 2 Castaway?

In the desert, with the metal detector.

How do you get an electrobit in My Sims Kingdom?

With the metal detector but they seem to be rare!

Where are metal bars in the sims 2 DS game?

in the desert but you need a metal detector to get them

Where is the metal detector in sims 2 ds?

you go to the shop that has the man in it. click buy and there will be a metal detector if theres not one it means you have bought it or your not up 2 the task that you need the metal detector mmkay

My Sims Kingdom for Wii how to get metal detector?

See the thing next to the book at the top of the screen? Well you go on it, and the bottom is the metal detector!

How do you dig up treasure on the sims 2 game for ps2?

When your sim is walking around the outside with the metal detector it should have show blue rings around it when it detects a tressure then click the sim and click dig and they will pull out treasure

How do you get sapphire on my sims kingdom?

you pull weeds or use your metal detector on candypalooza

Where do you get the metal detector from in the Sims 2 for PS2?

you must have at least 12,500 treasure points before you can buy this item then you go onto objects on the main menue and click on electronics using R1 to move across then look around to find the metel detector

Where do you find the metal detector on the sims 2 ds?

To get the metal detector, go to the shop that's run by the alien teen, in the corner there is normally something different advertised every month, (Metal detector, arcade games) wait until the metal detector is shown and buy it. To recharge the metal detector, put some fuel rods into the furnace, and click "Recharge Metal Detector" For big bucks, metal detect in the desert. The most expensive thing you can find is a mummified alien.

When do you get the metal detector on the sims 2 ds?

When Frankie fusilli asks you for the 3 Copper bars you go to the store and by the medal detector then go to the desert

On my sims where can you get bacon for vic?

You go in the forest and "prospect", or use your metal detector, every place possible until you find it, because I can't descrine where. Or you can be nice to Patrick.

Where is the buried treasure on sims 2?

On Sims 2, there is no particular place where the treasure is buried. It is different each time, but is always found on beach lots. To get the buried treasure, click on the ground and choose dig for treasure.

Were do you find Sapphire in my sims kingdom?

You can pull weeds to get sapphire or use your metal detector on candypalooza island.

Where do you find the metal bars in sims 2 ds?

in the desert. you'll need the metal detector. you can buy it in the shop from the weird alien man. when youre in the desert just use the metal detector and watch the screen if he finds something he will alert you and it might be a metal bar.

Where can you get pencils on my sims kingdom?

You can find pencils at the school island. You'll have to dig them up using the metal detector.

In My Sims Kingdom for Wii where do you find amber?

you have to mine or use your metal detector to find amber . and its on every island.

Where is the mummy's sarcophagus on sims 2?

by or in the pool of water in the desert - it's buried so you need your metal detector

Where is gems on your Sims kingdom?

You find gems in every island by either digging using your metal detector or mining in a mining place which is also in every island an you find several gems in one place. Hope this helps. :)

In sims 2 where is the sarcophgus and how do you find it?

Assuming you are talking about The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS then you have to use the metal detector and go to the dessert. It's probably around the oasis.

Where are the metal bars in the sims 2 ds?

buy the metal detector and go out and search through the desert. find 3 SILVER BARS and give them to Frankie.

Where is the sarcophagus in sims 2 ds?

the sarcophagus is in the desert. You will see a palm tree so get your metal detector out and start searching there

On my Sims kingdom Wii on Rennie's Natural Reserve where is the key for to set the crabs free?

in my sims kingdom where is the key to the crabs? Use the metal detector in the water near her and dig it up it will be there

How do you find mummified aliens in sims 2 DS?

get the metal detector take it to the desert and you might find one you can also find metal bars and nuclear fuel rods

How do you refill the metal detector on the sims 2 DS?

If you go down the basement steps from the lobby, and keep going straight ahead you'll come to the "fuel room" (can't remember its real name!). Walk up to the furnace without the metal detector equipped. You'll see a menu with "Add Fuel Rod" and below it should be "Recharge Metal Detector".