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Where is the biggest hockey stick and puck in the world located?

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The world's largest hockey stick and puck are located in Duncan, British Columbia. The Hockey Stick is 205 feet long and is weighs 61 000 pounds. They were originally constucted for the worlds fair in Vancouver for Expo, '86. They are now located in Duncan, on their local ice arena.

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If you are referring to the Irish sport of Hurling which, like hockey, is a field game using a ball and stick, the the stick used is not bent. It is known as a hurley, or in the Irish language a camán. It starts narrow at the top and the broadens towards the end with a large surface at its end. See the image at the link below. The sticks used to play field hockey and ice hockey in Ireland are the same as anywhere else in the world.

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What is the name for the stick that you use to hit the disc when playing ice hockey?

In Ice Hockey a long wooden stick with a slick wooden blade curved at the edge is known as an Ice Hockey Stick. The Disc as you mentioned is called a Puck which is shaped like a disc and is made of vulcanized rubber and is kept frozen before games to keep the shape intact. The NHL who administers this game sets that the Goalies curve of the stick be a bit longer since it has to save the puck hit from the opponent team, Ice Hockey is considered to be the fastest game in World Sports today.