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mounted under center of dash

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Q: Where is the blinker relay on a 2000 Saturn SL?
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What to do when your blinkers stop working on your 1995 Saturn sl?

Replace the blinker relay, located on the fuse panel. Buy it at any automotive parts dealer.

What is the mpg for a 2000 Saturn sl?

MY 2000 saturn is a standerd and I get an av of 38mpg

Where is the starter located on a 2000 Saturn SL?

The starter on a 2000 Saturn SL is located on the bottom, left side of the engine. It is powered directly by the vehicle's battery.

Where is the reset button on a 2000 Saturn sl?

There is none.

What is the oil capacity of a 2000 Saturn SL 2?

4 liters.

Where is the fuel pump on a 2000 Saturn sl?

Inside the fuel tank.

Replacing thermostat on 2000 Saturn sl series?

Search Richpin06a at

Why doesn't the horn on a 1998 Saturn sl work?

check fuse, relay or horn button in steering column.

What is the oil capacity of 2000 Saturn SL 2 1.9 liter?

4.5 quarts

What is the towing capacity of a 2000 Saturn SL 2?

Hi, I have a 2000 Saturn SL in excellent condition and low mileage. My neighbors have the small size trailer, like 10' or 12', not sure, something small to sleep in and cook a little and they are practically giving it away. Is my Saturn capable of towing such a weight?

How do you replace the ignition switch on1996 Saturn sl?

ignition switch saturn sl 1999

Where is the anti theft relay for 1999 Saturn sl?

i also need to know where this is im having problems with my anti theft system.

Where is the relay switch located for wipers in a 1996 Saturn SL as the fuses are good?

the relay is part of the wiper motor assembly. if the fuses are good, and there is voltage at the motor, then you must replace the motor

How much does it cost to repair a clutch on a 1999 Saturn sl?

The average cost of repairing a clutch on a 1999 Saturn SL is anywhere between $400 to $3000. The Saturn SL was produced from 1990 to 2002.

What is code P0340 on 2000 Saturn sl?

Trouble code P0340 means:Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction

Is a 2000 Saturn sl compatible with a 97 Saturn LS?

What do you mean by compatible? Are you referring to parts being interchangeable? If so, some parts may be the same and some are not.

Does a motor of a 1997 Saturn LS fit a 2000 Saturn LS?

If you are meaning SL they swap no problem. Some of the electronics from the original car will have to be swapped to the donor engine.

Where is the oil drain plug for 2000 Saturn sl?

On the oil pan under the car. Crawl under there and look and you will find it.

Where is the starter in a 2000 Saturn SL 1?

no the firewall side of the engine under the intake runners. best access is from below

Gas filter on a Saturn 2000 ls1 sl?

The filter is located on the passenger side of the fuel tank. Easily accesible

Location of 2000 Saturn sl flasher unit?

It is incorporated within the emergency flasher switch. $20 part at dealer

Where is the door locks relay located on a 1992 Saturn SL?

It's in the center console below the radio stack.. underneath a cover near your left calf.

What do I check when my 2000 Saturn SL idles rough and misfires when excellerating?

I had this on my 2000. Check the spark plug wires. I installed new ones and it ran like new.

Which cars has the best Gas mileage in the 90's?

Saturn sl 1995-2000 39/highway 30/city

Saturn 2000 sl. How to turn off service engine soon on Saturn sl 2000?

unhook the battery for 5 minutes thiss will erase all error codes (and preset radio stations) if the SES (service engine soon) light comes back on take it to a mechanic or buy a OBD2 code reader