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Usually these filters are located behind the glove compartment. You will find one or two switchs on the interior sides of the glove compartment that allow you to remove it from the car. The filer is fairly easy to remove at this point. Please keep in mind that a filter with a thin layer of dirt is a GOOD thing. It helps trap further dust, etc...change it when there is a thick layer of dirt/bugs/etc. Pretty cheap at most auto stores. Don't get ripped off at the oil change joints :) The above advice is controversial. Any layer of dirt reduces air flow. Even more, particles captured within the air filter may fragment. The newly liberated fragments may pass through the air filter into the cabin. In addition, cabin air filters are not cheap. Engine auto filters can be found for less then $12.00; dual cabin air filters are often more then $24.00. Illustrated installation instructions for 2001-2005 Honda Civic, from a cabin filter maker, are at: Changing once a year will help your AC breathe easier. This is good for many reasons. Best price I found is here -

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Q: Where is the cabin air filter for a 2002 Honda Civic ex 1.7 fuel injection and how would you install one?
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