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Where is the camshaft sensor in a 91 Chevy Cavalier?


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2006-03-31 23:48:34
2006-03-31 23:48:34

On the firewall side of the engine block, near the transmission bellhousing, under the intake manifold that answer sir, is incorrect, the cavaliers did not use a cam sensor, only a crank sensor, but the location is right for the crank sensor


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Where is the temp sensor on a 91 Chevy astro

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The themostat is located in the top rad hose on the engine side, but I don't know about the sensor. In my 91 the coolant temp sensor is in the thermostat housing and the engine temp sensor is on the block.

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My 91 Cavalier (RS 2.2L) doesn't have one but my 95 does on the left side of the drivers seat.

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It's in the distributor also called a hall sensor.

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