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Where is the capital Singapore located?

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Singapore does not have a Capital. In fact, the Oxford Dictionary states the Capital of the city of Singapore as Singapore. Singapore is really small, that's why.

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Singapore is the Capital of what coutry?

Singapore is the capital of Singapore as Singapore has no capital.

In what city is the Capital Tower located?

The Capital Tower, completed in 2000 at a height of 833 feet, is located in Singapore.

What is tha capital of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is.... Singapore.

Capital of Singapore?

Singapore is a city state and country of its own. Singapore doesn't have a capital, but the correct term of the capital you find in a atlas would be "Capital of Singapore: Singapore, Singapore"

Capital city of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is simply Singapore.

What is the capital cities of Australia and Singapore?

Capital of Singapore is Singapore Capital of Australia is Canberra

What is the capital of Singapore?

Singapore's capital city is Singapore (the entire country is the city-state itself).The city of Singapore is the capital of the Republic of Singapore.

What are the capitals of Australia and Singapore?

The capital of Australia is Canberra. The capital of Singapore is Singapore.

What country is the city Singapore the capital of?

Singapore is the capital of Singapore. It is the capital of itself.HorseIsle Answer-SingaporeFirestarBluestar, Palomino ServerVampGirl, Chestnut server

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of Singapore's capital city?

Singapore is the capital and is located at 1.3 N, 103.8 E

What is the capitol of Singapore?

Since Singapore is such a small country, it has no capital. You can also say that the capital of Singapore is Singapore itself.

Which country has a city as the capital?

The capital city of Singapore is Singapore

What is capital city of Singaporean?

The capital city of Singapore is Singapore

What is a Capital city Of Signapore?

The capital city of Singapore is Singapore.

Is the capital of Singapore Singapore City?

Singapore is a country made up of 63 tiny islands so therefore the capital is Singapore

What is the capital city in Singapore?

Singapore. It's like the whole country is the capital.

Is any country capital city is singapure?

The capital city of Singapore is Singapore.

What state is Singapore in?

Singapore is an independent country. Its capital is Singapore.

Where is the city of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is the city of Singapore.

Is Auckland the capital of Singapore?

No, Auckland is in New Zealand, but it is not even the capital of New Zealand. (Wellington is the capital of New Zealand). The capital of Singapore is Singapore, since the city and country are the same thing.

When was Capital Tower - Singapore - created?

Capital Tower - Singapore - was created in 2000.

What country is Singapore located?

Singapore is located in Malaysia

Why Singapore's capital is Singapore?

It is because Singapore is not only a country, but it is a city as well. It is a city-country, hence Singapore's capital is Singapore itself.

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