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Where is the circuit breaker that controls the power door locks and courtesy lights in a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

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if your cig light is not working as well, the fuse is in the glove box top and last in that row, had the same problom.

2005-01-25 23:03:27
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where is my cooling fan relay controll circuit located in a 1997 Chevy lumina, 3.1 engine

What is the diagnostic code P0341 in a 1995 Lumina?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

Does a 1996 Lumina have a automatic choke and if so where is it located?

No, it is fuel injected. The computer controls the air/fuel mixture at startup.

What fuse controls the reverse lights on a 1995 Chevy lumina car?

There is nothing wrong with the reverse lights. It is probably your turn signal switch. They are bad in the 1995 lumina. If you do it yourself it should cost about 100 bucks. Good Luck!!

Why does the brake lights on your 1995 Chevy lumina work when you turn the turn signal switch?

You've got something wrong with your wiring, causing current to jump from the indicator circuit over into the brake light circuit.

What does reading p0412 mean on a 2001 Chevy Lumina?

Trouble code P0412 means:Secondary air injection system switching valve A circuit malfunction

Chevy Lumina air conditioning vent stop blowin?

27Jun09: I had this problem on a 1999 Lumina LS. The answer is a vacuum leak. Mine was near the vacuum canister that controls the vents. The hose was replaced which (with labor) cost about $100. Just got it back and it solved the problem. DRB

Where is Lumina village?

Lumina village is in Romania.

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Chevy Lumina has not the carborator.

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Lumina in USA does not have a carburetor

When was Chevrolet Lumina created?

Chevrolet Lumina was created in 1989.

What all size motors will mount up to a 1996 Chevy lumina?

Is that lumina van or lumina car? BClear. 3100, 3400.

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Hopefully you mean a 1992 Lumina, and yes, most starters are standard.

Will a 96 Chevy Lumina air conditioning compressor fit on a 95 Chevy Lumina?

No, the compressors and mounting points are different on the 95 Lumina

How do you fix the wipers on your 93 lumina from going off of the window?

Most likely the wipers themselves cannot be fixed, because it's probably not the problem, usually the transmission that controls them would be the problem.

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Where is the blower motor for a 1997 lumina located?

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