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Where is the code on the quarter?


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2007-05-25 22:10:58
2007-05-25 22:10:58

????? What do you mean by "code"?


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A quarter.A quarter.A quarter.A quarter.A quarter.A quarter.

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"+33" is the international code for France. There are five zones inside mainland France, coded 01 to 05 (or 1 to 5 when following the international prefix +33). Geographically the code 4 or 04 is the code for the south-eastern quarter of France.

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"Quarter to" does nothing and nothing does "quarter to".

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1. A quarter cup is a quarter cup.

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It is a quarter moon. He took a quarter of the pie. The likeness of George Washington is on the quarter.

half white, a quarter filipino and a quarter black.

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Quarter horses get their name from the quarter mile races. A quarter horse is energetic enough to gallop a whole quarter of a mile.

The "quarter" in this case means a quarter hour, so that is the same as 2:15.The "quarter" in this case means a quarter hour, so that is the same as 2:15.The "quarter" in this case means a quarter hour, so that is the same as 2:15.The "quarter" in this case means a quarter hour, so that is the same as 2:15.

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There is no such unit of measurement as a quarter - if you are referring to a quarter of something, you have not specified what you want to measure a quarter of.

Is that the valuable quarter you told me about? How do you know which quarter game is in? A quarter of something is one fourth of that item.

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No. "Waxing" is First Quarter. Last Quarter is "Waning".

A quarter gelding is a male quarter horse without testicles. The quarter horse is a type of breed of horse.

The first quarter and third quarter moons are also called

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