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it is in the water manifold

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Q: Where is the coolant temp sensor on a impreza EJ20 engine?
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Where is the oil pressure sensor located on an impreza EJ20 engine?

Just under the alternator.... check the link....

How much engine oil does a impreza wrx ej20 hold?

most engines hold about 5 quarts

Can you put an EJ20 twin turbo engine in a 1996 Impreza wagon?

The engine will only fit in right hand steered cars because of turbo issues with the brake master cylinder.

What engine can you put in a 1995 subaru impreza?

i put a ej20 turbo out of a 02 wrx in mine and it worked out great for me make sure you swap the tranny as well its much stronger than the tranny in a 95 impreza l unless yours is only fwd then you will have to use your tranny

What is the radiator capacity of a ej20 subaru engine?

7.6 L

Where is fuel filter on ej20?

Engine bay, above the battery. Fuel lines running in and out. Can't miss it

Where is the oil filter on Ej20 motor?

Behind the radiator on the drivers side of a R/H drive car, Just above the engine undertray

How much does a damaged ej20 gearbox cost?


Engine oil capacity of Subaru 2.0 twin turbo?

Since you didn't tell us the year or the model.2002 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.0L 4-cyl Engine Code EJ20 TurboCAPACITIESEngine, without filter..........4.8 quarts [1]Wix Oil Filter....513651. Add extra oil when replacing filter. After refill check oil level.Don't know if this is a Twin Turbo or Not.Hope This Helps.

How much horsepower does a 1995 legacy GT ej20 have?

270/280 at the flyweel

How do you replace a starter on 1994 Subaru legacy?

on an ej20 and ej22 subaru engines the starter is located at the top of the engine and is held by a bolt at the top and a nut at the bottom once you have removed these the starter will slide out back towards the firewall

How do you change timing belt for subaru ej20 4 cam?

Neither is a chain, it is simple sprocket linked to the main shaft, will last longer that the car itself

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