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Jesus died on the cross at calvarry.

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It took place eight days after his death.

Outside the walls of Jerusalem in Israel on a cross

At a place called Golgotha (which means 'the place of a skull) outside of the then city wall of Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem on the hill called "Golgotha" meaning "skull"

Jesus died in a place called Golgotha meaning the place of skulls. It is a mount where thieves and other outlaws were also put to death through crucifixion.

This sentence was said by Jesus when He was Crucified and it was told to the thief crucified beside Him (on His right).It means that after the death of Jesus and the death of the thief crucified in His right,this thief will be with Jesus in the paradise as it is the place to which christians,good Christians, go after their death as a place to wait before the last day and after this day,good people will go from the paradise to the Eternal life with Jesus in the Heavens.Jesus said this to the thief crucified to His right because he accepted Jesus as a God and a Savior...

your mom let jesus to his death.

Jesus died to break to power of death. You still have to face him to be judged of your actions to be assigned your place in the eternities.

The Romans did not record the death of Jesus. To them he was a minor figure. His death was recorded by the Gospels.

Ours sins are responsible for the death of Jesus christ.

Jesus death is remembered on Good Friday.

The emperor during the death of Jesus was Tiberius.

Yes. It is the foundation of the Christian faith, Jesus' death and resurrection.

So that everyone would know he has risen from death

We celebrate Jesus death by attending a church service and by fasting that day.

Jesus appeared on the third day after his death.

the man to see Jesus bfore his death was SIMEON.

You may read about Jesus' death in John 19.16 to 34 The other three Gospels also contain accounts of Jesus' death.

Jesus was crucified on a cross, died, and rose back to life three days later. Jesus allowed himself to be crucified in our place so that he could take our place. He could have walked away but chose not to and we now have salvation. John the Baptist was murdered and his head was cut off and his body was dismembered and sent to different locations.

Luke 9:31 tells us that Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah concerning his decease (death) that was to take place at Jerusalem. As for exactly what was said concerning his death, we do not know, because we are not told.

The death of Jesus Christ took place in the spring, on the Passover Day, Nisan (or Abib) 14, according to the Jewish calendar. (Matthew 26:2; John 13:1-3; Exodus 12:1-6; 13:4)

Jesus was Great, because he saved many souls. He has guarenteed anyone who believes and worships him life after death in a beautiful unimaginable place called Heaven.

He didn't predict it, He knew. Jesus knew right away and he was prepared to die when he arrived to the place where he ended up dieing. Plus, he was ready when he arrived.

As the Messiah, he was our prophesied Kinsman Redeemer. It is written: The wages of sin is death. Yeshua our Kinsman redeemer died in our place in order to redeem us from the penalty of sin which is death.

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