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Underneath the three girls on the playground. He won't dig there though until the girls move. You get them to move by ringing the bell on top of the school.

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How do you get the capsile out of the mud on Big Nate island?

Have the dog dig it out. (Get it to dig with the crackers)

What are the crackers for on big Nate island?

They are to get the dog to dig up the time capsule .

How do you dig for the capsule on big nate island?

You put a peanut butter cracker on the ground.

How do you get a map on big nate island when you dig?

you don't need one! It's where the girls in the play ground are!

Where do you have to dig to get the capsule on Big Nate island?

You have to get a peanut crackers box and put a cracker were the treasure is. Easy

How do i dig in the playground in big nate island poptropica?

you have to win the graham crackers by winning table football in the clubhouse. then you put them on the ground in the spot you want the dog to dig.

How do you get under the playground on Big Nate island?

To get under the playground you have to use the crackers to bring the dog over to dig the hole. After this you will find the time capsule and Nate will take the credit.

How long do you dig a hole in poptropica big nate?

You don't dig. The dog digs for you.

What do you do to make the dog dig in Big Nate Island?

put down the peaunt butter crackers and you'll need a map too

How do you dig to get to the time capsle on big nate island?

you have to use the gramcrackers you will get them by playing "Go To Jail" in the kids only clubhouse when you put a gramcracker down, the dog will come and dig.

How do you get spitsy the dog to his owner on Big Nate island?

You don't. He remains at the playground, and will dig a hole whenever you give him a peanut butter cracker.

Where do you find spitsy on big nate island?

Spitsy the lost dog is wandering on the Playground on Big Nate island. He is the key to recovering the Time Capsule because he will dig holes to save any treats he gets. Once the girls are off the playground, and you have the map from under the seal island rock, you can use the peanut-butter crackers to encourage Spitsy to dig up the Time Capsule. (see related questions)

What to do do with the peanutbutter crackers big Nate island Poptropica?

you sit them on the ground fro the dog. he will dig a hole. you will see a piece of the time capsule. pull it out.

How do you take out the time capsule on Big Nate island on poptropica?

get the girls to move and have the dog dig it up then move your mouse like your trying to take it out

You lost the map on Big Nate Island what do you do now?

You could try getting it back. Without it, you may not be able to have the dog dig up the Time Capsule. The map that shows the location of the Time Capsule is under the rock on Seal Island. Use the jet ski to race Big Nate to get it.

What do you do when the girls go to class on big nate island?

You put peanut butter on where the girls had been. The dog will dig on the place. There's the time capsule in the hole.

How do you get the dog to dig where the time thing is on big nate?

you use the peanut butter crakers were your standing it will appear were your standing and he will dig it

On poptropica on big nate island how do you get the time capsle out of the ground?

you put the penut butter craker where the school girls were standing. Spitsy will dig a hole and the time capsule is there!

What do you do with the graham cracker on big nate island?

at the last part use the map to put the graham cracker on the part where the capsule is buried and the dog will dig there and youre done

What if there is nothing in the hole on Big Nate Island?

When you use the peanut butter crackers to get Spitsy to dig holes, you have to have the map to the Time capsule (from Seal island) and you have to dig in the right place (where those girls are talking in the playground). Otherwise, you get empty holes. (see related questions)

Where do you dig on Big Nate Island?

At the playground where the girls are standing. On Big Nate Island, the Time Capsule is buried in the playground area. However, you need to accomplish some steps before you can get it. # Turn the lighthouse crank to scare away the seagull. # Get the Time Capsule chart from Seal Island with the jet ski. # Restore the bell clapper to the school bell and ring it. When these are done, the girls will move from the playground and the dog can dig up the Time Capsule. (see related questions)

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