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go on skills

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Q: Where is the extras menu on ssx on tour?
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How do you open the Extras menu in ssx on tour game psp?

You will not be able to find the Extras Menu on your PSP since it does not EXIST!You can only find an Extras Menu on SSX ON TOUR for PS2.So if any sites tell you to find an Extras Menu on your PSP for SSX ON TOUR IGNORE that site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know this since I spent days searching for the Extras Menu on my PSP and never found it and also I have a PS2 so I pretty soon found out.

How do you get to the extras ssx on tour PSP?

ssx on tour for psp had no extra. it is only for ps2

When did SSX on Tour?

SSX on Tour happened in 2005.

When did SSX on Tour happen?

SSX on Tour happened in 2005.

When was SSX on Tour created?

SSX on Tour was created on 2005-10-11.

Which is the best SSX game for ps2?

ssx on tour

Should you buy ssx tricky or ssx on tour?

Both are great games. Personally, I had much more fun playing SSX Tricky. However, SSX On Tour is much more realistic and graphic. You can also either Ski or Snowboard on SSX On tour.

What are the ratings and certificates for SSX on Tour - 2005 VG?

SSX on Tour - 2005 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E10+

Will there be a ssx 4?

Yes. They already have one. They called it SSX On Tour. They didn't call it SSX 4, because SSX4 is a protein.

How do you open the extras menu in Tomb Raider legends?

Go to the main menu then go to the extras menu

How do you get to the extras menu on the Wii game Avatar the Last Airbender the first one?

In the main menu is the extras menu

Mario on ssx on tour?

Its very simple... just hack