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black box under hood leftside firewall


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The directional signals and the emergency flasher each have their own flasher unit. They are the same type of flasher and should be beside each other under the dash.

The signals and the emergency flashers have separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relays. Start with checking the fuses, the bulbs, the signal flasher relay and wiring and if it still doesn't work it may be the signal switch is bad.

There is two flashers involved, one for the signals and one for the emergency flashers. Perhaps you changed the wrong one.

It has 2 different flashers. One for the turn signals and one for the emergency flashers.

Some cars have two flashers, one for the signals and the other for the emergency flashers. Be sure you replaced the right one. Also check the fuse the bulbs and lastly the signal switch.

4 way flashers and turn signals both have a "flasher can" in the system to make the lights flash the turn signal and 4 way flashers are controlled independantly of each other try replacing the flasher can for the 4 way flashers it is obvious that the bulbs are ok because they work on turn signals

turn signals and emerg flashers work off a flasher can. go to any auto store and buy a new one they are cheap and easy to replace

Not sure what vehicle you have but with most vehicles the signals and emergency flashers are separate circuits. Each have there own fuse and flasher. Check fuses, bulbs and flashers. If all checks okay it may be the signal switch at fault.

The bulb is bad. Turn signals and flashers use different bulbs.

You probably replaced the emergency flasher, so remove it & try your flashers; if they don't work, reposition the flasher & try your flashers. If they work now, then try to locate the turn signal flasher (ref. repair manual). Or...heaven forbid, you have a short or ground in your turn signal wiring harness (somewhere), where only an ohm meter and knowing how to use it will locate it. Good Luck!

The turn signal switch in the colum could be bad COULD B the TurnSignal switch OR the Flasher 4 the Emergency FLASHERS (because there is 2(two) Flashers & the Brake light Switch on the Brake pedal could B Bad.(turnsignals Have there OWN Flasher) the emergency flasher switch has 3 electrical contacts.sometimes they overheat and melt into the red flasher switch deforming the whole switch.unfortunatly the whole blinker and flasher needs to be replaced.

Most likely you have a short in the system. If you have a trailer connection that is the first place I check,then I would check the turn signal bulbs for a corrosion bridge. Remove bulbs one at a time and operate the turn signals to eliminate the culprit. I ended up taking the car to the dealer. It was a faulty emergency flasher switch......$101.00!

Check the flasher for the turn signals which is under the dash on the left side of the steering column . It is different from the emergency flasher.

Check bulbs and flasher if all are out most likely flasher is bad Check bulbs and flasher if all are out most likely fuse or flasher is bad

Check under the hood near the battery, there should be a black rectangular box with a lid that flips open. This is the power distrobution box. Your relays will be in there.

Try replacing the hazard flasher. If that does not work, double-check to see that you have the proper bulbs and fuses installed for the brake lamp circuit.

check the flasher,your 4 way flasher is different then your turn signal flasher,they both should be under the dash on the left side,they both look same,check your manual,it's about a $2-3 item

Two separate flasher relays, one for the signals and one for the hazards. They are both located behind the plastic lower dash panel aprox under the radio. The lower panel must be removed to gain access to the flashers. Be sure to check the fuses and bulbs also.

Don't understand the question fully but halogen bulbs can replace incandescent bulbs and is 30% brighter for the same electrical power.

Fuse, flasher, switch, bulbs, wires, ignition not on, dead battery,Fuse, flasher, switch, bulbs, wires, ignition not on, dead battery,

This usually happens when you have bulbs burned out. Check those first. If they are fine, then you probably need to change the turn signal flasher. If this is a rear wheel drive Cutlass, it has two flasher units. The one mounted in the fuse box is for the emergency flashers. The one for the turn signals is mounted just under the dash next to the steering column. Mine was on the right side of the column.

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