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If it is simmilar to later models,you will find the filter along the drivers side, under the hood, and resting under the firewall of the dashboard. In other words, locate the master brake cylinder, and look directly down to the right. You will see the filter resting in a bracket with a flexible hose attached to it. The removal is a little tricky because it should be done from below for the hose coming in from the tank, (disconnect the negative battery). Jack the car on the drivers side for clearance, blocking tires and put in a catch device for jack failure. Scoot under and spray the connections with plenty of liquid wrench. The fittings are liable to be rusty and you don't want to brake that hose going in. Use two wrenches and work the connection, carefully until it opens. Have a pail ready for the runoff of the gas and don't do it in the sun. Next, you want to pull the filter out of it's holding bracket from the top of the engine. You don't have to remove the bracket, and working from the top is easier because you can get a better grip and line of sight on the top hose connection. Be careful wiht this hose as well, and lubricate the connection well with liquid wrench. This top hose should be a flexible hose. If not, you may have to get down in that opening, but I would be surprized if it wasn't. Reinstall in reverse and pay attention to the flow arrows or markings. Having had a lot of caddy's. you should replace the filters often. They get real dirty and will ruin your fuel pump as they get clogged. Changeing the fuel pump in the tank is a royal pain and should be avoided at all possible costs. The best way to prevent that is changeing the filter. I do it every third oil change, because I had to replace the fuel pump on my Seville and it wasn't a pleasurable experience. The motors on the fuel pump are tiny little nothings, so you can imagine it doesn't take much.

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Q: Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Cadillac Eldorado?
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