Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Chevy Geo Storm?

open the motor cover , if you are in front of the motor just on the right hand , down the battery , just almost at the position of the tire but in the inside part. Save yourself some trouble and only use Delco fuel filters. It also helps to grease the outside of the filter before sliding it into the bracket. To avoid spilling gas everywhere, remove fuel pump relay and run the car till it dies before removing the old fuel filter. Ok, I don't know what the first answer was trying to say but the second one is very informative. "Where" is the filter is the question. You may have to remove the air intake system to locate it. It'll be bolted into a bracket on the inside firewall just below the main brake cylinder. You don't have to remove the bracket itself, there is a tension bolt that holds it in. It is a very tight fit down there and you may find that you have to bend the bracket to get your wrenches into place. 14mm and 19mm wrenches required. -Jegoyet